Need to reboot to make calls since update

What phone do you have? Moto X

What plan are you on? 1 GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? All

Issue Description

Since update, often I need to reboot before making call. If I dont, call never connects, when I hang up an endless loop of Hanging up notification is locked on screen. the hard reboot takes some time both in shutting down and in booting up. Thank You. And evevery Reublic or Android update my favorites Icon menu greatly reduces in size. what’s with that? Thanks

Hi @steveng.9bn0me

What app was the update for?

Also, is your phone a Moto X1, X2, X Pure or X4, please?


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Thanks, johnny5 I’m thinking it could have Republics update, but I believe I got an android update lately.
Android 8:0.0

moto x1

Hi @steveng.9bn0me,

Just for the sake of making sure no one sends you troubleshooting steps that don’t apply to your phone, would you mind opening the Settings app and navigating to “About Phone” and tell us what phone model it lists? The Republic Wireless version of the Moto X1 is still on Android 5.1 and RW version 2, so the versions you’re reporting don’t seem to be a match for the phone you’re describing.

The first thing I think I’d try with what you’re describing is refresh the Republic Activation.

Are you having this issue primarily on cell, or WiFi or both?


My Bad, that was my old phone. the current phone is a Moto Z Play, I apologize. I’m almost always at home so I would say WI-FI. Thanks. its as if it can’t handshake the shutdown cycle.

Okay, give the steps to refresh the republic activation a try, and let the Community know whether that helps.

ok, I may have stumbled on an issue here that may be causing an issue. turning on roaming data was not required pre-update and the only need I can see for required roaming data is that it now allows anyone with a stingray driveby surveillance to steal the contents of my phone by allowing spoofing by roaming to bypass sprint secure cell towers. Is there a technical reason or is it time to back to landline or IOS as this puts our phones at great risk to spoofing. Please explain as I don’t understand this need for such a dangerous security risk. More than law enforcement have briefcase stingray tower spoofing. I rarely leave home. why force compliance on an unused feature. Thanks, Paranoid

Republic has always recommended both mobile data and roaming data be turned on in Android settings. The reason behind said recommendation has everything to do with the way Republic’s unique and patented blended WiFi/cell service works and nothing to do with any intent to expose one to insecure cell towers. May we know what was updated? The only thing Republic updates on our phones is its app. If it was Android itself that was updated, that was the manufacturer’s doing.

If it is the Republic app, i’m not aware of anything in a recent update requiring roaming data to be turned on though as mentioned that is and always has been Republic’s recommendation. Roaming also has nothing to do with whether one is at home or not. Roaming refers to a use of cellular towers other than one of Republic’s network partners when those partners lack native coverage in a given area.

It isn’t even a certainty your Moto Z play uses Sprint towers. While true that older legacy Republic phones were provisioned for cellular coverage with Sprint, newer Republic compatible phones like your Moto Z play might be provisioned for cellular coverage with either T-Mobile or Sprint. Of course, T-Mobile now owns Sprint but the networks remain separate. If you’d like to verify which of Republic’s partners your Moto Z play is provisioned with, please see here: How to Tell If a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA – Republic Help.

Finally, and out of curiosity, what would make Sprint towers more secure than say T-Mobile or for that matter AT&T or Verizon? These days even for native coverage the network operators generally lease tower space rather than own the towers themselves.


Thanks, Sprint is not more secure, but from my understanding of how briefcase stingray device works, originally It was a secret law enforcement tool, now I’m hearing reports others have it. is what law enforcement uses say at a protest like say in portland, to monitor the crowd’s phones, in the trunk of a patrol car to ■■■■ data from All the phones by emulating a generic tower and stealing focus from your carriers cell tower, in a briefcase-size device. but now I hear some hackers use them, so your phones are going thru the briefcase not the towers. and it can install spyware. Once I had stingray turn my phone on and would keep turning it on when I shut it back off. I left the area and then my phone stayed shut off. Wild, you can Google “Stingray FBI”, it’s pretty cool ingenious tech. but in nefarious hands… or countries like China…

Everyone on the forum thinks it is safe to enable roaming so I’ll do and report back if it resolves the issue or not. thanks so much to everybody on the help forum for help. Thanks

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