Need to Replace Phone ASAP—SIM card required?

Howdy! The screen on my Moto X (2nd Gen) phone is badly cracked and I am on a long road trip, in need of a new phone. If I buy a Republic-compatible phone at Best Buy (for instance), can I simply follow the steps for activating a phone from a third party, or will I need to purchase a SIM card? I don’t really have anywhere it can be delivered at the moment, which is why I am concerned. Any insight will be helpful!

Thank you.

Hi @nathanielb.btl178 ,

The SIM card from your Moto X 2nd Gen is not compatible with our BYOP-supported phones. Additionally, coverage when you bring a phone bought elsewhere may differ from what you have experienced with your Moto X 2nd Gen.

Would it be at all possible to arrange delivery somewhere along your route?

All the new phones need a new SIM. If you buy the phone somewhere else, you will be put on TMobile’s network. Make sure you zoom in at the locations you are most likely to use the phone at. Interpret a good signal as meaning poor cellular reception.

Assuming TMobile’s networks works for you, you could buy the SIM and/or phone from Amazon and use their delivery lockers if one is close to the next stop. Help: Amazon Locker

As an alternative, if you can use your screen long enough to forward your voicemail to a burner phone, you would still be able to get your phone calls and voicemail messages. However, no text messages. Voicemail

Depending on how broken the screen is, a OTG cable may help too. How To Connect a USB Keyboard To Your Android Phone


If the digitizer is still working ok a screen protector being put on the broken glass can help get you along till the phone can be replaced. Just a thought!

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PM me if you would like to sell your broken phone.


It is against community guidelines to buy or sell phones in open posts. Asking to friend each other is fine as long as not mentioning selling the phone. You have mentioned it.

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Thanks for the suggestions!

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