Need to Restore Service for New Phone

How do I restore My Republic Wireless service? I accidentally cancelled service when cancelling an old phone that did not work. Need service for my new Moto G4 Play.

Hi @rosamondh.4d0v9v,

Did you acquire your Moto G4 Play from Republic or a third party retailer?

Additionally, how long ago did you cancel service and are you interested in attempting to recover the number that was on the old phone?

Hi Roland, Yes, I purchased the phone from Republic today and cancelled my old phone at the same time. I received a message that I no longer have an account with Republic. I didn’t realize it would cancel my whole service plan. How am I supposed to get service for the new device I just purchased?

Hi @rosamondh.4d0v9v,

Ordering a new phone doesn’t (in and of itself) cancel service to your current phone. If you look at your account from a computer here; Phones | Republic Wireless, do you see your old phone? Is it possible you used a different account to order the new phone?

If none of the above helps, please raise a help ticket here: Republic Help, so Republic staff might take a look into this for you. If after doing so, you’ll come back and post the ticket number (nothing more), I’ll do my best to let staff know to look out for your ticket.

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