Need To Sign Into RWA At Beginning Of Each Billing Cycle?



Have any other members noticed RWA closing at the beginning of their billing cycle?

At the stoke of midnight? Literally at 12:00AM this morning when my billing cycle began the Anywhere app closed and I was prompted to sign-in. This morning noticed I’ll need to do the same on all my other devices as well.

Coincidence, app glitch or feature of the RWA app? Thank you.


Why Does RW Anywhere Require Sign In On Other Devices At Beginning Of Billing Cycles?

This didn’t happen to me last night but my billing cycle didn’t end. Perhaps this has something to do with the account being reset at the beginning of the billing cycle.


Hi @PlaneTherapist,

Did it happen on the primary phone associated with the account?

I have an account (my work number) with a 17th-of-the-month billing cycle date. For that account I have Anywhere only on the primary phone, no endpoints. I was not prompted to sign into it today.


Hi @southpaw,

It only happened on the other devices that have RWA installed and associated with my main number. All my RW phones are are associated with the main account and not assigned to other users. The other numbers haven’t been set up to be accessed from other devices. so I don’t know if they would have been affected.

I had set up my main number/phone to use RWA and my other texting app simultaneously or without the need to keep changing the default setting when switching between the two. The process used is described in this topic: What is the advantage of Anywhere over other supported SMS apps? Since my main phone was set up as an other device it was affected and would take a few minutes to reconfigure. To use RWA normally required just going through the short app configuration.

Understand most members wouldn’t noticed if this happens until using RWA on their other devices and might not associate with their billing cycle.