Need travel solution for phone and laptop


Hello. We are relatively low-tech people with what could be a high-tech question. My husband has a Moto G 3rd Gen. phone, and his RW plan is “WiFi and Cell Talk and Text and 3G Data.” He is going to be driving back and forth across the country for the next couple of months, so he will often be without WiFi for his phone while needing to make calls and use GPS. AND he will need to be able to connect his laptop to the Internet to deal with business issues along the way. So, our questions are:

  1. What is the best RW plan or non-RW add-on solution for using a lot of GPS and making a lot of calls without WiFi?
  2. Also, we know that he will be able to use the laptop at places like Starbucks and McDonalds, but is there any somewhat affordable way he would be able to use it when he is not able to get to those kinds of places?
  3. We see on the RW Coverage Map that large sections of the Northwest have no coverage. Does that mean he’ll be using Roaming data there? That eats up data at a much higher rate, yes?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

  1. I would say the plan he is on now is perfect for this. 3G data, perfect for GPS. Calls are always unlimited.
  2. Well, the plan your husband is on does not allow tethering. He would have to switch to the refund plans for this. You can learn more about them here: Republic Wireless Plans 2.0: Republic Refund – Republic Help
  3. The plan your husband is currently on does not have roaming data. The Refund plans mentioned above do, but you’re right. They eat data 18.3 times faster. For the phone your husband has, this is the map that applies: Coverage Check | Republic Wireless This lighest green is roaming.


Hi, and thank you so much for the quick reply. We have follow-up questions!

  1. When you say his current plan does not have roaming data, does that mean that when he is out of 3G range he will have no data service?
  2. In the Coverage Check map for his plan, if the lightest green (Call/Text) is roaming, but he has no roaming, does that mean he would have no data service in any of those vast areas?

I apologize for our lack of knowledge!


Hi. When in a roaming area he would have access to voice/text, but not data. Your interpretation is correct. In the light green areas, there is no access to data (on the 1.0 plan your husband is on).

No apologies necessary.


Yikes - I think we have to change plans!
Thank you very much for your help.

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You’re welcome.


I use a mobile hotspot for coverage when there’s no RW or Wi-Fi available. Most of the major carriers offer these, and some come with annual contracts. The model I use is a ZTE model sold by Straighttalk and uses the Verizon LTE network which gives me coverage just about everywhere. Cost is about $20/month, but since it is prepay, only activate it when on trips. Since Straighttalk uses different carriers, you should make sure that you get one with the coverage you need. I have found that the Republic Wi-Fi calling works very well when using the mobile hotspot as a Wi-Fi source. One thing that I learned, though, is when using Wi-Fi in the car, the bluetooth hands free doesn’t work very well.


Here WeGo. Offline GPS and Maps

I would recommend installing an app such as Here WeGo. It allows you to download maps to the phone so you can have GPS navigation even without a cell signal. Download the maps ahead of time while connected to WiFi. I would also recommend downloading them to an SD card since the file size is rather large.


I use Google Maps. You can download areas of the map where you will be traveling, before leaving, while on WiFi. Once the maps are loaded, navigation will work while Roaming or without a data connection then. You won’t get live traffic updates while Roaming, but you will as soon as you get an RW cell Data connection.