Need upgrade phone. Can you help me?

Hi can you help me find a new phone to upgrade to?

I was considering the moto one 5g ace but on your site it says 64gb but motorola site has the ace at 128gb. Is it compatible with RW?

I currently have a moto x4. With 64gb I am 90 percent used up and phone is too glitchy and battery drains too quickly.

I am considering:

  1. Moto g stylus 2021 at $250
  2. Moto one 5g ace at $330
  3. Moto edge 2021 at $599 (which is a bit too expensive for me to spend on a phone but if worth it ok) but didnt see on rw list of byop.

I need a 128gb +, responsive, fast, battery. I’ve always used Motorola so Im too chicken to switch to Samsung or other.

Please help me! Thanks so much.

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Yes, the 128GB version from Motorola website is compatible with RW. See here for more details.

I have been a fan of Moto phones too, also have a Moto X4 which is fast aging…I am considering the Pixel 5a when it is supported by RW. We have a Pixel 4a in the family and it feels far superior to anything in the Moto lineup…especially the camera.

Good luck with your phone search…if you are unsure about a third party phone, please post the link here and community members can help confirm if it will work on RW before you go ahead and buy it.


Thank you for your help and confirmation.
I appreciate it.

Now I want the pixel 5a :sweat_smile:. So when do you think it will be supported? Pixel 6a sounds like it will be amazing too.

The timeline is indeterminate at this time. See this post for more info

I guess I’ll wait a bit and deal with my glitchy moto x4. Thx

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My wife and I both have the Moto X4 phones. Fortunately we are not dealing with glitchy phones or running out of space. You can open the app drawer on your phone and tap on the ? (Device Help) and check out options for freeing up space, troubleshooting topics, and device diagnosis to see if this can help with your phone issues.

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