Need vibration on Do Not Disturb

Using Moto X Pure on Marshmallow. I currently have alarms only selected as a rule during work hours. Problem is that phone is too silent.

Previously I had Moto X 2013 and Republic Wireless app managed this. It was silent except for alarms, but vibrated when notification received. Is it possible for similar configuration in Marshmallow under Android DND settings?

Android’s Confusing “Do Not Disturb” Settings, Explained maybe this will help … as it appears you’re not alone

Actually, this useful information, but didn’t seem to provide solution for do not disturb with vibrate, only said to manually turn volume down to vibrate.

There has to be setting similar to the old 2.0 plan Republic Wireless app. Perhaps I’ve missed it.

The controls for things like notification and sounds has always been provided by Android… the difference is with Lollipop which is the minimum code level that the current 3.0 phones use. This is not something that Republic has control over, and it appears the author of the referenced article has offered an explanation and his ‘work around’.

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