Needing area code when dialing local?


I am new to Republic, but since moving over I seem to require an area code every time I dial any number. This was not necessary with the previous carrier, nor does it seem necessary with any of my friends or family’s carriers. Is there a setting in the phone that I haven’t set properly? Is this a Republic issue? Whatever it is is annoying at best when you have ported numbers in and cannot call the number as it was not created with an area code. I appreciate any advice.



what phone, please ?

at any rate

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Interesting. I’ve had to use area codes for all calls (from all vendors) for at least 20 years. With overlays, it’s common to have towns with multiple area codes in play.

You’re going to have to add the codes.

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You’ll have to dial all 10 digits (a Republic requirement). I’m frankly a little surprised there are still places where 7 digit dialing is allowed. In my area we’ve been dialing 10 digits for somewhere around 20 years. 7 digit dialing has been dying since before 2000:

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btw, it will only get worse,
looks what took place with the internet ip address, ipv4 to ipv6

btw 2:



While far less common, there are still entire states using a single area code where 7-digit dialing is alive and well. I used to live in New Hampshire, which still uses 603 for the entire state.

@southpaw, once wrote a blog in the old Community that referenced an app that enabled 7-digit dialing on Android phones. Alas, that blog didn’t make it to the new forums and the name of the app escapes me.

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I believe the app was


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