Needing to Confirm Steps When Cancelling Service

I currently have service with RW with two active lines. Both are under the My Choice monthly plan that restarts on the 21st of each month.

If I am planning to cancel service and port my numbers out to a different carrier in February, would I just need to initiate the port process before the 21st in order not be charged, or will the entire porting out process need to be completed before the 21st so that I am not charged for another month?

Also, will I need to cancel with RW or will porting my numbers out of RW effectively cancel the service automatically?

You’ll want to start the port out process far enough in advance of the 21st, so that it completes no later than the day before. Otherwise, you’ll be charged on the 21st for the next bill cycle. Like most prepaid service providers, Republic does not refund unused days when service is canceled during a billing cycle Details:

Without knowing who your prospective new provider is, it’s not possible to comment specifically how far in advance is far enough. You might find this of interest:

Porting your numbers out will cancel your Republic service once complete. Republic will notify you of that via email. Please do not manually cancel service as doing so risks causing your port out to fail.

Having answered your questions, might I pose one to you? Is there anything the Community or Republic might do to keep you from leaving. Are you having coverage issues? Phone issues? Something else?


Thanks so much for the response. I assumed that the port process would need to be completed by the 21st, but wasn’t completely sure. Thanks for confirming that and thank you for clarifying that I do not need to manually cancel service once the port out process has completed since that will automatically cancel my service.

I have loved RW over the years and have come back to the service once before. For now, it comes down to price. I left when Sprint offered a free year of service and then came back.
The educator discount that RW offered was absolutely amazing and I am so appreciative of RW for offering this steep discount. However, another company recently offered an annual plan with 5GB of high speed data on Verizon towers for around the same price that RW offers for just texting and calling. I have not had any reception issues, and have absolutely loved the fact that I can still call and text over WiFi when I am in buildings and areas where cell service is poor. I’ll probably be back once the other annual plan runs out.

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