Needs 4G coverage - ?'s on Trial period


The coverage map says I should have access to 4G LTE. However, knowing where I live and looking as closely as possible, I think it will only be 3G. It must be 4G to serve my purpose. Therefore I don’t want to purchase a republic enabled phone until I know for sure how well it will work. Is there anyway to do a trial? I see that there is a 14 trial period on the data plan, but what about the phone?


Hi @kevinh.x4ln88,

You would have the same 14-day trial period on the phone. More here: Money Back Guarantee – Republic Help.


Modified the title so that folks wouldn’t relate to the Republic Data Only Plan: Feedback Requested!


Thanks rolandh. That is good news! Before I head in that direction, one last check, are there any other ways/recommendations for finding out if 4G is available right here where I live without going through the work of picking out a phone and plan and having it all delivered just so I can test it?


You might try this app …depending on the phone you currently have, not sure if it will detect 4G LTE unless your phone supports it, but worth a shot