Needs a case with extra battery


Does anyone know of a case with a battery, for the moto x pure? I would like to find a way to extend the battery life. I see all the tricks but it’s not nearly enough. I have a car charger and an external battery. I would like to glue an extra battery to the back of the phone, or something equivalent.


I have seen this question posed to the Motorola Community and the XDA Forums. I haven’t yet seen a case with a battery available for the Moto X Pure.


interesting that no case seems to be available… i still have a moto x pure but my screen broke so i upgraded since the back, home, and recent apps buttons don’t work anymore :frowning:

the phone specs suggest a height/width of 6" x 3" respectively

and there exists a nice thin (and cheap) power bank with smaller planar dimensions of 3.7" x 2.4" (or 5.1" x 2.7" for the 5000mAh variant)

you could strap these two devices together… or better yet 3D print a case to hold them together comfortably…
we could start with a freely available case design like this (it’s for the moto x 1!):

then modify it to fit the x pure and include a slot for the thin power bank as described above…

what do you think? i’ve got a printer handy but not a lot of time to help with the design - if you’re willing to try your hand at modifying the design in a CAD program i’d be happy to print it for you.

here’s a tinkercad (free web based cad tool) with a scaled x1 case and a simple model of the battery pack to get you/me/us/anyone started:

(that link is live - if anyone makes changes we will all see them)



What I think is necessary to start, is a connector that connects to both the phone and battery, and has a charge port. Any ideas who could do that? Been here since beta.


I use this battery with my Moto X 2nd

I use a flip type case and put the battery between the flaps when using it

Edit here what the phone looks like

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