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I need help. We’re new to RW, my husband and I just activated our Moto G4 phones about 10 days ago. I have not been able to successfully place or receive a phone call while using the cellular network yet where we live. When a call comes in, nothing happens; I’m not notified in any way. When I try to place a call, the call appears to be going out, I hear normal ringing, but when the other party picks up, the call disconnects with a busy signal tone and a “Network busy” error message on my phone. While on cellular, I see the outlined arc in the upper left. Next to it is a signal strength icon, it’s always empty with a ? beside it. I can send & receive texts on cellular without trouble. I can also complete calls and texts on wifi without trouble (with the exception of my husband’s work, where we have been having trouble using wifi and cellular, but I think that’s a different issue).

We’re new customers and first activated our phones last weekend on 12/3 or 12/4, I believe. We have been having this problem since the first day. I have not been able to successfully place a call on cellular network yet. We have known others using Republic in our area, and their service is fine. Are our settings wrong somehow? Would it be possible that this problem could be fixed with a different phone? Maybe somehow the Moto G4 we have is not compatible in our area? Could it be an issue with GSM vs CDMA?

I’m hoping to be able to troubleshoot past this problem because we would really like Republic Wireless to work for us. However, is there a certain trial period that we need to be within in order to complete a return/refund? I thought it was either 14 or 30 days, but can someone confirm this? I want to be patient, but he troubleshooting process is taking quite a bit longer than I expected and I’m starting to feel a sense of urgency to get this figured out.

Any help or suggestions are GREATLY appreciated!!


You have 14-days from the date of delivery of the phone to ask for refund.

See here for the Money Back Guarantee

If you are seeing an empty outline for the arc then you are not connected to WiFi. Have you tried different WiFi access points to see if it works better on one or the other? The initial problem that you described about inability to receive incoming calls…does that happen on WiFi and cellular or only on WiFi?

As for cellular, have you checked the map for your cellular signal.


See here for some useful tips of setting up your WiFi router

Maximizing your WiFi - getting the best from your Router/network

See here for some troubleshooting steps for calling

Make and Receive a Phone Call


She says she can make calls on WiFi with the exception of her husband’s work network.

If resetting the phone credentials doesn’t fix it, it seems like the phones are not completely activated to me. She should use the TMobile’s coverage web site and enter her address to verify that TMoblie works for them. 4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile

They may have find the strongest TMobile signal around and turn their phones off and back on to get the phones to activate.

If TMobile’s network isn’t going to work out for them, they should open a support ticket and request the Republic puts them on Sprint’s network or give them their money back. Use the chat line for faster service. Republic Help

Clocks ticking.


Thanks for your suggestions. Call and text are working fine on WiFi. The issue is with the cellular network.

On the maps, we are in a talk & text only area. I knew this before ordering our phones, but thought that meant we would be able to talk AND text on the cell network… so far that’s not the case.


As @marshallh recommended…if you have not been in an area with good native GSM signal then your phone might not be fully activated. Try to get to location where you have good WiFi and good native GSM signal and restart the phone. That should help it complete the activation process.

If that doesn’t help then unfortunately it might be a coverage issue. You may also try this app

SignalCheck Lite - Android Apps on Google Play

to check your signal strength.


Thank you very much for your suggestions. I’ll give this a try when we get to a place that has better coverage. Hopefully that would help! Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

I’ve had a help ticket open for awhile trying to troubleshoot this with RW staff. Holding out hope that we might still be able to make this work.


Thanks very much for your suggestions and affirmation. We will certainly give this a try!


It did end up being a coverage issue in our area. RW was able to send us replacement phones that are compatible with the CDMA towers, and now our service is working great! Thanks to everyone for helping troubleshoot.

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