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I know that Republic uses other cellular networks for their phones and they are from two of the big four carriers. I was wondering if Republic members using the GSM network would get access to the new bandwidth that was just introduced. My phone is not capable of using the new network, but I want to be able to use it when I get a new phone in a year or two. Can anyone say if Republic will get access?


Given that Republic has access to B12, I can think of no reason they wouldn’t have access to B71. Now, when Republic will support a phone that supports B71 is an entirely different story.


Hi @cynthiap.z1w1bo

I wish!. :relaxed:

Honestly, a “year or two” is a lifetime in the cellular industry. I think the bottom line would be which bands the projected “new phone” supports.

If you don’t mind sharing your zip code I’m sure fellow members will be able to give a more accurate response.


My zip code is 13021 in Central New York. The hope that I have is that Republic will support either the Galaxy S9, the latest LG phone, or some of the newest Android phones within about 6 months of their launch. I plan on keeping my Moto X Pure Edition for at least another year (more likely until late 2018 or mid-2019) and then upgrade to the latest and greatest phone that I can. I am disappointed in the lack of Republic support for the new phones (S8, LG) this year, but there may be some details I do not know about. If anyone could explain to me the process of adding a new phone to a network, and this network specifically, I would be grateful.


Republic has never supported an LG Phone, so no real surpise that trend has continued. On the other hand I remain baffled and confused about why the S8 hasn’t been added.


Yeah, you’re right about LG, but it does disappoint me that the current generation of Galaxies is not supported. I just hope that Republic adds the latest phones in the future or I might have to go to another network.


Except for the Nexus 5x.


Technicality. I would argue that the Nexus 5X is a phone manufactured by LG, but is a Google Phone.


I have to agree it is a google phone. It has options built in that some phones dont have an one that is a app called Fi
switch witch lets you switch between 3 carriers. That to me is the most important one that I use all the time where I live.
I wish other phones had that option.


We launched on the LG Optimus.


True. How’s this:

“Anything resembling the current Republic has never supported an LG phone.”