Network GSM bands supported?


What LTE bands does R.W use for the GSM BYOD on tmobile?

Tmobile uses: 2, 4, 66, 5, 12, 71

So far, in testing with my Nexus 5X, I have only seen bands 2 and 4 in use.
I was on Tmobile with LG V10 2 yrs ago and i recorded using bands 2, 4, and 12 in my area.
Band 12 is especially useful as lower frequency bands penetrate buildings much better


RW uses all of T-Mobile’s bands supported by the particular model phone you choose.


I regularly find the phone switching between bands 2, 4 and 12 in my area. (northern NJ)


The Nexus 5X does support band 12…so says the specs. So I guess I just wasn’t in a area that the phone decided to use B12 then.


Remember, B12 is “Extended LTE”. As a low frequency it carries well and penetrates building well but has a lower capacity that the higher frequency bands. Your phone will always prefer the higher frequency bands when available because you’ll get better speeds. B12 is a fallback where these other bands don’t reach.


Why do u call it that? Tmobile doesnt. In fact, that part on that page : Band 66 (Extension of band 4 on 1700/2100 MHz)" is the only Extend band.

I have never seen B66 used when i was on tmobile.


Extended Range LTE™: They’ve kind of removed it from their marketing materials over the last year.


O. I see. wow. thats a very limited number of devices. I would think the Nexus/Pixel phones would support it, as they are unlocked and support all LTE bands out there. but guess not. I had a TM LG V10 back then…so not a supported device according to that page, but i did see B12 in use (reported by SignalCheckPro app)


Many other phones support 700 MHz that don’t show up on that list. The list is ■■■■, and only covers phones that T-Mobile sells. My Pixel works fine on T-Mobile’s 700 MHz band, as do many other phones.

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