Network Reset - Good Idea?

So since the phone got dunked, I now see that SIM Status is disconnected. Network is disconnected as is voice/phone data. What would happen if I did a network reset?


A lot of good can be had with the network reset … here is what it does

Thanks, anything I need to worry about losing?

Hi @amyb9,

The only thing of potential consequence lost would be saved passwords for WiFi networks to which your phone has previously connected. After a network settings reset, one would need to enter those passwords again as those previously connected to WiFi networks are encountered.

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Well that’s only one, not a big deal I guess.

I’m trying a new SIM in the G6 first to see if that changes anything. Do I need to save texts before doing that or am I good with the new SIM activation?

Hi @amyb9,

Activating a new SIM won’t have any effect on your text messages. They’re stored on the phone not the SIM.

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That’s what I thought, but it’s been a minute since I did this and always forget the process. Thank you.