Network security issue

Hello, Can anyone tell me what this means? This happens when at a public school. Previous phones didn’t do this and this doesn’t happen to anyone else’s phone at this school. The phone only does it at this one particular school and nowhere else. Can anyone tell me the solution? The phone is a new Moto G Play. Thank you.

I think this is a Marshmallow (or later) feature. I get a similar message on my S7 when I connect to my “open” (no password, no captive portal) at home. I believe Marshmallow is telling me my network, because it is open, might expose my phone to the shenanigans of someone else who is logged into it.

Doing a quick google, I found this Re: CPPM - Captive Portal - Controller Cert - Android issue? - Airheads Community. Reading it makes me think that the network to which you are connecting has been misconfigured or the portal software has a bug.

If I were you I’d contact the network administrator for the school and see what they have to say.

Here is an additional write up from the Aruba site that may provide some help

ArubaOS Default Certificate Revocation FAQ - Controllers - Airheads Community

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