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I just Ordered 2 Moto E4 phones today from the website. I’ve read that republic phones used either the Sprint or T-Mobile networks but will not switch between the two…, When I purchased I just realized they did not ask me which network I wanted and did not know that it would not auto switch between them…

While either would work where I live, because of where I have to travel for work fairly often (across the country!) , where relatives live that we visit, as well as where we vacation i need teh phones to be on the T-Mobile network… I really can’t get by with Sprint coverage and decides to go with republic because they did use T-Mobile,

These are our first cell phones (never wanted to have another month bill) so let me ask

  1. Is there a way to know if the phones I get will bested for T-Mobile?
  2. Can the network be chosen when we receive the phones from Republic?
  3. If not, is there any way I can contact them to make sure I get put on the T-Mobile network?

If I wind up on Sprint I will have to return the phones…

Any info would be appreciated!


  • Karen

Hi @karena.jbbkpf!

Let me break this down for you. First off, your Moto E4’s are capable of working on both GSM (TMobile) and CDMA (Sprint) so you shouldn’t have to return them (see here) . Second, when buying a phone from Republic, they will determine which provider works best in your area and then provision it for that partner (which is why you were never asked which one you wanted). There is a way to get a good idea of which partner your phone will work with. Go over to Republic’s coverage checker and, after entering your location, hit the button to go to the “Next, Shop” page. If the option to bring your own phone is available, then you are probably getting service with Republic’s GSM partner (TMobile). Please note that this is not guaranteed although it is probable. The sure fire way to tell is wait for the phones to come and look at the SIM cards. After you get the phones (the SIM’s are included), head over to the following guide to check the SIM cards: Is My Republic Wireless SIM Card CDMA or GSM? – Republic Help .

Hope that helps!


If I get CDMA SIMs, can I have them replaced with GSM Sims? And if how long would that that take, and would I have to pay for the switch?

I am leaving on vacation in a bit over 2 weeks so time is a factor.


  • Karen

Hi @karena.jbbkpf!

If it turns out to be CDMA, I would recommend opening a help ticket with Republic and asking them to convert you to GSM. They will review coverage and your information (since your case in unique since you travel), and if they determine GSM would suit you better, then they will convert you over. It shouldn’t take too long (although Republic is experiencing longer than normal wait times). They should provide a SIM for you as well.


  • karen

Hi @karena.jbbkpf,

With your permission, I’ll be glad to look up your order and see which type of SIM card was fulfilled with the phone. If it’s CDMA, I can send you a GSM SIM once I’m in the office tomorrow.

(I’m preparing for a big vacation, myself, and I understand the stress of having some detail hanging unresolved!)

That you very much! I appreciate it!
Order Number:■■■■5086776

  • Karen

Please give me just a moment to review your order. (Don’t worry, I can see the order number.)

I tried to paste in the order number… I’ll type it this time!
it is 609 - 3910933 - 5086776


The order is set for fulfillment with GSM SIM cards.

I hope you have a great vacation!

Thank you very much!

Hope you have a great vacation too!

  • Karen
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