Never meant to leave


I lost my RW phone at the Oakland airport during Christmas. My Grandson had given me his Moto G 3rd gen. I was excited thinking I had just gotten a new phone. Unfortunately, it is a Consumer Cellular phone :(. Cannot wait til I can afford an RW phone so I can “Come Home”

Republic wireless ROCKS!!!


Hi @cheriep.rutr9p

Do you need some help re-establishing a line of service, or do you just need a phone since the G3 is not compatible?.

RW does rock, but it helps to have info. We love info. :grinning:


Sorry to hear about your lost phone, especially in the middle of holiday season. Are you stuck without a phone?


No…but had to switch to Consumer Cellular. My Grandson gave me his Moto 3 3rd gen BUT!! it was not a RW phone. I hope it won’t be too long until I can get a RW phone & Come Back!!! I miss RW!!!


Just need to save enough $$ to buy another RW phone. Miss RW.

Thank you,



Ok, good. Good luck saving up for your next phone…see you soon back at RW!


I need a different phone…one that RW supports. Wish there were used ones or members who were upgrading: slight_smile:
Like how you spell your name


Cherie p.sp my last name starts with a P LOL


there are several used phones on Swappa and eBay (both Republic Legacy phones and unlocked 3.0 phones