New $20 for referral question


I have been considering finally getting a phone for my new 9th grader, and also my husband is considering moving to Republic.

I just got an email about $20 credit for any friends I refer, and in the fine print it says

, or, for an existing member, if they add a new line to their current account, the Credit will be applied against the outstanding portion of their current bill for the period within which the new line was activated

So, how do I activate this offer on new lines on my account? Do I have to have each of them log in through that referral link? Or is there some way I can use that to add them with me doing all the work - because I want it all on one bill/account!


Hi @caraz!

I just tried my link and you should be able to do it all yourself. Just click on the link in the email and it will automatically apply it on the checkout page (with the phone added). However, I believe the only way you can apply it is if you buy the phone from Republic. When I added just the SIM to the cart, the code didn’t apply. I hope that helps!



Thanks, thats great! Just have to get hubby to make a decision - he has limited vision, so I’d bought him a dumb phone w large buttons, but if he can read my phone well enough to play a game on it . . . and text . . we’ll see.


Email says purchase of device or SIM kit.


Hmm…well it didn’t apply to the SIM kit for me.


You may have seen the 1GB default plan showing a “credit” but since it’s not charged or credited until activation it’s just a place holder. When a SIM kit is ordered there’s no requirement to choose a plan hence the “deal” won’t be visible.

Phone or SIM will need to be activated prior getting an actual credit.


Hi @caraz
The phones can be modified with apps to change the launcher of the phone. I have Nova Launcher that is the most customizable for seeing the apps on the home screens. there is also BIG Launcher Easy Phone DEMO and also Big buttons - Launcher FREE
I hope this helps but your hubby should get the largest screen too, the Samsung S7 Edge phone or the Moto E4 plus.


Ooh, thanks @bocephous! That is VERY helpful!


You are very welcome. Any other questions to help in purchase or activation there are Many great people here to help you, Just ask! The community can help also setting the phone up so the hubby is comfortable using the phone…


I have a Moto G3 , can I use that promotion without buying a phone?


You will not be able to the credit by activating a G3…

Promotion requires purchase from RW of a phone or SIM kit. RW doesn’t sell SIM kits for G3s or other Legacy phones.


Another question
If I use Moto G3 for a new line in my account, I assume there is no activation charge, and I can cancel it anytime, is that correct?


yes you can cancel any time and any unused data will be refunded to you


I have a question about the link for the $20 credit. I have a friend who is interested in RW after I mentioned my account. Not knowing whether to forward the email from RW directly to my friend or to click on the link first (to see if another page with instructions showed up or perhaps it needed to be activated by me before forwarding), I clicked on the link. The next page then said something about the credit being activated, but it wasn’t clear - does this mean that it cannot be used again by the person I send it to? Obviously it won’t be used by me since I have an account already.


clicking the link set up your order with the referral not your friends
It’s best to just email the referral by click the email icon in the mail and putting their email or text the link to your friend


Hi @georgey.hum099
There is a 14 day return policy.


which on a used phone (like the Legacy phones) or BYOD only applies to the service cost not to the phone cost


When you refer a friend, do I still get a free month service?



The new referral program provides a $20 credit to the person that is referred, but the referrer only the joy and love of being a good person.


Hmmmm. That is to bad. Why not?