New 32 GB SD card for Moto E Play shows corrupted; formats to only 30%

I ordered a SanDisk 32GB A1 card for my Moto E Play. I followed the directions in the Motorola manual for adding the card. When I booted up the phone I received a notification that the card was corrupted and did I want to format it. I said yes and it formatted up to 30%, freezes at 30%, and eventually a javascript timeout error shows up. So I format the card on my computer, first with windows format and when same thing happens on my phone (corrupted data frozen at 30%) I retry formatting on computer with SDCard.exe from No luck. Same exact error on phone.
Any ideas how to get the card to expand my internal memory, or should I assume a bad card and send it back to Amazon?

Hi @paulg.hfmfb8,

I would return it.
When it comes to SD cards, once they start having issues I would not trust them with whatever data they are holding.
(This is why it’s bad news when they fail being used to expand the internal phone memory. )


I plan to return it if I can’t get it to work. Strange that it formats fine on windows desktop but Moto E Play says it’s corrupted, tries to fix it, and freezes at 30%. One other thing of note-- when phone boots up it quickly shows a notification stating that it is an unsupported sd card. This makes me think that perhaps there is a different version sd card that would be supported.

So this SD Card works perfectly in my wife’s Amazon Fire 10 tablet so there is nothing wrong with the SD card and as previously stated it formatted perfectly in my desktop machine.

The problem would appear to lie with my Moto E Play phone.

Is there anyone else with this same phone that was able to get an SD Card to work with it? If so I would greatly appreciate knowing how, and also what exact type SD card was used.

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