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I may need to get a new phone (currently have 1st gen MotoG) and would like to get one that has a removable disc, so I can use it overseas. Any suggestions?



FYI the disc is called a Sim card. Yes you can but the question is with the old service CDMA being on Sprint and the New 3.0 GSM Tmobile service, Which would be better for you? Hows Tmobile in your area? Do friends have it or use it? If you wait, possibly a (month or two) very soon there will be Sprint 3.0 and you can choose what one you want. The phone choice would have to support CDMA to also work with Sprint where all 3.0 phones do have GSM capabilities but less hace dual GSM/CDMA capabilities…

4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile


All the phones** with the exception of the Huawei Ascend**** **should work just fine in Europe, frequency band 3 and band 7. However, not every frequency band is available on the US version of these phones (frequency band 20).

Some of the higher end phones do have frequency band 20 available, like the Moto Z and Samsung S7. So if that is important to you, then check the specifications of the phone you plan to buy.

I would advise you to look at how easy it is to remove the SIM and reinstall the SIM for the phones you are interested in buying, since removing the Republic SIM will disable the Republic phone number. So the easier it is to swap SIMs, the better for you.

**Note that some of the Republic phones are GSM only, like the Moto Z, and will only work with TMobile’s network if you plan to stay with Republic Wireless or AT&T if you leave. So make sure TMobile’s coverage works for you when using the phone here or buy a GSM/CDMA phone from Republic. **

**4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile **

If you are going somewhere else you will need to see which frequency bands are being used in the countries you plan to visit and check them against the phone you are planning to buy. - Check if your phone works on a network

I believe @rolandh can advise you as to which SIM he uses.


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