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Wishing for a new account category called DATA that continuously graphs my monthly data usage per year so that I can better see how to lower each device’s usage, one of the few categories I can control.


I suggest giving My Data Manager a try.

Basically, you install and set it up on the phone and it will keep track of how much data you use. You can link other phones to yours, so you a can see the other phones’ usage as well. The amount reported has always been within +/- 10 MB compared to the RW app for me.

It stores the historical data that it learns while installed.

Note: When you install it, there is an option to enter your current usage according to the RW app. If you don’t do this, the reported usage will be off the rest of the current cycle.

My wife and I used it when we had a shared plan, so we could each keep an eye on our plan usage. I like it so much, I reinstalled it and set it up on our new phones, so I could check each phones usage at a glance. Also, I think you may have to set up the account type as a shared plan in the app, to add another phone. However, I can’t remember how we did it and don’t have the phones on me at the moment.

Just something to try.


Looks interesting, thanks for pointing it out to the community

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