New account, old phone, Can I get an old plan?

I want to give my old phone (Moto G) to my sister for her to use to set up her own account. She would be a new customer. My phone currently runs on the old plans ($5 Wifi only, $10 cell talk/text + wifi data). Would she be able to continue to use those plans and get her own number? She is mostly interested in the old Wifi only plan as she lives overseas but visits regularly and would want the option of having cell talk and text.

Hi @elizabethf.i687t8,

Your old phone would activate for your sister using Republic’s refund plans. The $5 WiFi only and $10 cell talk & text plans (a/k/a Base Plan) are among the options. More here:

A factory reset of your old phone prior to handing off to your sister is best practice:

Apologies, I should have added that your sister will need a U.S. based credit or debit card for payment in order to set up her own account. More on all that here:


Another BP is making sure it’s is no longer active. She’ll be good to go assuming old means it’s been replaced by a newer phone you activated with RW as a replacement for it and no longer activated.

Yes, that’s my plan. Thanks.

Thanks for the info. This is great!

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