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I’m a current RW customer and I want to open a new account for a family member, I have a multi part question
My current account is with a Moto G5 plus with CDMA SIM card

. I have a Moto G 1st gen. Can I restart it and have Sprint as non WiFi carrier? (we have poor TMoblie signal at home)

  1. What lower priced new phone can have Sprint and also have voice to text feature

Thanks, NP

Hello @normanp.apiq4p

If one reactivated a legacy phone like your Moto G 1st Gen it has to be on the CDMA partner. [Sprint] on the Refund plan

For new cheap phoned that are CDMA on Republic one is looking at the Moto E4 [not yet the Moto E4 Plus model]
The Moto G line [though the Moto G5S Plus needs a support ticket after activating with the GSM partner]

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You will find this chart helpful in selecting a new phone. The ones marked as CDMA will work on Sprint but pay attention to the asterisk. All of the computers on this list let you dictate text messages.


Nice piece of work to whomever made that! It’s so organized!


It was a team effort

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Well a round for the team effort! That’s the best thing I have seen even googling comparisons…

Hi normanp.apiq4p,

I’d just like to add that if you’re having trouble with coverage on the Moto G5+, please open a ticket and let our support team know.

They provided a CDMA SIM card and the Sprint access has solved the problem


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