New Android Cell Phone!

Hi Guys;
I am getting a new cell phone this week or weekend? And it is a no name brand. My question is that when I get it, and if the “Sim” card does not work can you all please send me another “Sim Card?”

Here is the phone that I am getting!

Android 8.1 Unlocked 6.2" Cell Phone Quad Core Dual SIM 64GB + 4G RAM Smartphone

Please let me know a.s.a.p!

Thank you: Eddie

I’m sorry to say, it isn’t possible to use this phone with Republic. It is only possible to use the phones shown here: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help

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as louisdi just posted, that no name phone can not work with Republic.

Republic only supports certain North American Factory unlocked models.

I for one, have never seen just a plain old generic no name smartphone being sold like that, though, I have never looked for one. Looks like some random no name Chinese knock off device.

I would not hold much faith in the quality of such a phone, or if it will even work well on USA cell providers.

A article that may be of interest to you on how to find a compatible unlocked phone to use on Republic is here:

But even if so, i mean that there may be a chance that it will work?

I will give it a try, but if it does not work. I have 30 days to return this. Any ways, all I want to know if I change the sim card this should work right?


Hi @eddies.csrsel,

For what it’s worth, the specifications for the the phone you linked doesn’t list any 4G LTE bands (radio frequencies). Not only can it not be used on Republic, I think you’ll find the experience of using that phone substandard on any U.S. service provider.


No under no circumstances will that phone work with Republic.


Unless RW has changed things in the last year or so, so that a non compatible device will not function at all when an active sim is installed…no signal, nothing…

Technically, if is a GSM SIM card, any GSM phone may see a tmobile signal and may “work” for calls and data, but will only do so with the underlying carrier number. Of course the RW app will not allow the user to activate the phone and nor will wifi calling, that is RW’s special Hybrid Coverage tech work., nor will a RW number work on that non-compatible phone.

Also, something to note @eddies.csrsel, using a incompatible device on RW is a violation of their Service Agreement and they may terminate your account.

But to put it simply, no, that phone will not work on Republic, not as you would intended it to as it is not supported.
I mention this as you seem clear that you still intend to “try”…and it may appear to “work”, but it actually is not.

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Hi Rolandh;
Thank you for your input, but if I gotta try… and if not I will just send it back.
Now you have mentioned about the 4G LTE bands. So can you please send me the info that I need to get thee right “New Phone” that is compatible with republic?


@eddies.csrsel the 2 links that were already provide to you is where you will find the information you seek on what phones you can buy.

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Using an unauthorized phone is a violation of the terms of service and can result in your Republic service being terminated.

This has been provided a number of times. Only the specific phone models on this list may be used: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help

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