New cell phone user needs help!

What phone do you have? Moto G6

What plan are you on? No plan yet. Will use Republic.

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? will plan for talk and text.

Issue Description

Purchased new phone, Moto G6, Unable to start using to sign up for services, or even past opening screen: “To start Android, enter your PIN” I have no Android PIN. (Note: I am a senior and new to use of cell phones. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @jrmint99,

Welcome to Republic Wireless and the world of cell phones. I’ll need to ask some questions to find what kind of help you need.

Did you purchase your G6 from Republic?
Have you installed the RW SIM card?
Do you have access to WiFi?
Do you have a Google account?

Thank you and once you provide this information we should be able to help to get your new phone working.


Thank you, PlaneTherapist,
I purchased the G6 from Amazon.

Phone arrived without a SIM card.

We have WiFi in our home.

We have a Google account.

A few years ago, I purchased Moto e but deactivated it after using a few months with frustration in learning to use it properly. Now, I wish to reactivate the Moto e and wife will use the the G6. I will try to buy a SIM card and proceed. Will await your suggestions and guidance.

Am grateful for your help and support with this. Thank you.

Thanks for your update. Was the Moto E purchased from Republic? If so it should be welcome back and the Moto E is simple to reactivate. Basically just turn it on and go through the steps in the linked article. Once activated you’ll have a new account, when your G6 SIM card arrives and installed you’ll be activating it on the same account… Please let us know the Moto E is working satisfactorily once activated and if you need information about moving an existing phone number to Republic.


Hi @jrmint99,

You mentioned you bought this Moto G6 from Amazon. Is this a new phone, or a used one from a reseller on Amazon? If it’s asking for a PIN right out of the box, you’ll need to contact the seller for a return, because you will not be able to use the phone without the PIN.


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