New comcast wireless plan. Competition for RW?

I’m thinking of switching to Xfinity mobile, I don’t use 1 gb of data a month and I like the Samsung Galaxy S8 which you can get right now for $22.17 a month. Looks like a great deal to me.

Maybe it’s my less than stellar experience as a customer but if I were to consider an alternative to Republic, Comcast would’t be that alternative.

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The service is through Verizon which is the best when it comes to coverage and your bill is direct through your credit card, same as republic just at a lower cost.

Verizon has a good network. Having had the “pleasure” of dealing with Comcast customer service and support, for me, never again by choice.


At least you got through…2 times I attempted to get through to just get info on Comcast new cellphone plans- both times was on hold, gave up. They just want to be a one stop shop for phone, cable, internet, and your $$$$$…

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