New Community Homepage!


We’re excited to announce that this week, we’ll be launching a new Community homepage and we wanted to give you a heads up as to what it’ll look like, why we’re making this update, and what our future goals are. Over the years, our Community has served many purposes, but the main reason why members come to our Community is to get help. There are lots of different ways to get help, but we want to ensure that our homepage provides the most efficient avenues for our members to get that help.

We met and worked closely with a User Experience design team to analyze, collect data from user surveys, and develop user testing based on our members’ needs from the Community. Through this analysis, we found that the most common drivers to Community are getting an answer to a question, finding documentation for an issue or process, and getting started with Republic, so we really highlighted all of these on the new page.

Armed with this new information, we saw an opportunity to better serve our members and people interested in joining the Republic Community by providing them with a portal that makes it easier for them accomplish the purpose that brought them to the Community in the first place. We also wanted to keep in line with our brand and online identity and we think the new page matches more consistently with those goals.

Here’s a sneak peek at what this page is going to look like:

We look forward to continuing to work on improving this page, and other Community pages, in order to maintain what’s best for our member’s wants and needs from Community. We hope you like the new page and we welcome your feedback here.

Thanks for reading!