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I have a phone through At&T and would like to bring it over to Republic. Here is my issue. I currently have the phone forward to my cell and would like to get a cheap plan from RW (republic Wireless) and forward to my cell through RW. Can I do that and how?

What phone do you have?

What plan are you on?■■■■cell number

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? all of them

Issue Description


You can not bring a Carrier phone (Carrier unlocked) to Republic. Only a Factory unlocked North American phone the exact models are listed here:
supported phones

You will need to purchase one of those phone either from Republic, or buy a compatible BYOP phone elsewhere.

Edit: I am not quite understanding what you are trying to accomplish with your forwarding scenario. Republic phones supports voicemail call forwarding in that your R.W phone will ring, but if you don’t answer it, it will then forward to the number you tell it to.


I have a phone in which I use every day Cellular. I have a land line forwarded from AT & T to my cell number. I answer both cell and land line on cell phone currently. I bought a new cell phone and have a old G3 phone I would like to move land line over to. I want to ensure that if I change land line to cell phone I can forward business cell number to my personal cell number both through RW.


You should be able to forward whatever number you want to a R.W phone based on that other service providers forwarding options.

R.W numbers are categorized as Landline/VoIP numbers. Not as mobile numbers.

You can only forwared you R.W phone and thus number, to one other number that is not a R.W number…
Conditional call forwarding (phone will ring) is supported.
R.W does not support Unconditional call forwarding (where phone will not ring at all).

“Old G3” is that the phone you wish to use on R.W.? If so, it must be the R.W. custom version and model XT1548. The normal model G3 will not work on R.W.


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