New "compatible" phone not working


What phone do you have? SAMSUNG S6

What plan are you on? RW, Refund, 2GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

I am not sure why, but my new phone I bought from private party “unlocked Samsung s6” is not working. I have the SIM card for RW, and it says Republic on top of my screen bar. But when I go into the app to activate, it says my phone is “not compatible”. arg!


See Supported phones. The S6 requires an exact model and build number to work on R.W. It is very hard to find one that will work.

Also, the new phones can not use the old Refund Plan. They use the current My Choice Plan and a different underlying carrier as well.

Also this article gives some very good info, including stating that it is near impossible to find a compatible S6.


As SpeedingCheetah has mentioned, Samsung has some pretty “weird” different way of modeling phones even though they are said to be unlocked. (thanks rolandh)

Here is a good article specifically for the Samsung G6

Now I’m a bit curious. What phone did you buy that was sold as unlocked? You can find the model number for the phone here:


There’s nothing particularly weird about Samsung’s phones. In the case of the S6, it’s merely Samsung’s questionable decision to use the same model number (SM-G920T) for both the North American factory unlocked variant (which works with Republic) and the T-Mobile carrier branded variant (which does not). Build numbers are one way to differentiate them. Looking at the manufacturer’s SKU is another option.

Samsung’s manufacturer’s SKU for the North American factory unlocked variant is SM-G920TZKAXAR. The manufacturer’s SKU for the TMO carrier branded variant ends in “TMB”.


Ugh I already provided that 24 hours ago…!
I’ve loved RW for so very long and after this constant waiting game for an email and having problems I’m sooooo close to going to Project Fi, Mint Sim, or straight talk. This is ridiculous


That screen shot show the model number SM-G920A which is not the Republic supported version [SM-920T with the correct software builds]
Republic does not support any carrier version only the US factory unlocked, and the”A” model is AT&T’s model and this version will not work.


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Thanks for your help and such a quick response. Nice to get my next steps situated now rather than wait another 24 hrs for help ticket response.


At mentioned by others, that phone is not compatible with Republic as it is a carrier specific model and software build.

Carrier specific phones , even if “carrier unlocked” are not compatible with Republic Wireless.

This certainly can be confusing and frustrating, especially when buying from a 3rd party who labels the phone as “can use on any carrier” or similar.

But the very unique technology and nature of Republic’s service requires a certain level of compatibility and certain requirements to be met, thus, only the devices listed on the supported phones that R.W has personally tested and approved for their service will function.

You do have some options moving forward:

You can sell the phone (I recommend on and then purchase a compatible phone to use on R.W.

If you wish to keep the phone, and it is infact “carrier unlocked”, you are free to switch to a different provider. Expect for Project Fi, as that phone will not work on Fi. (Fi have only a few supported phones).

As Southpaw mentioned, we are customers just as your self. We have no access to Help Tickets, and can only start to help fellow customers based on what information one gives in their first post. There are some users, like Southpaw, as well as other Experts from R.W that do monitor these forums, post as well, and do have access to things normal users do not.

I wish you well.


So confused by your technology lists lol. So is this one compatible?


It is impossible to tell just by a ebay listing page.
You will need to check the exact model number and build number in the system settings page on the phone it self.
If the seller posts that screenshot, then you will know by comparing it to the list of supported builds.

I suggest not trying to get a S6 as it is very hard to find a compatible one.
If you for sure want a compatible phone, I suggest buying one from R.W.s site directly.


Hi @kristyb.43y79n,

Could you ask the seller for a screenshot like the one we requested from you that shows the phone model, and Android build? Verifying the software channel and asking if it has ever been rooted would help, too.

Have you tried Swappa?