New County and State Taxes


On my most recent bill, I am being charged for taxes I haven’t seen before. I live in the Atlanta metro area in GA. The new taxes are for:
Transit Tax - County
Sales Tax - County
Sales Tax - State
Does anybody know why I would be charged these taxes all the sudden?


did your bill go up
if not then the taxes are now being broken out and were not before
if your bill did go up
then these are new taxes your state gov. has enacted to try to get more money from you :slight_smile:

fact of life, if the taxes are hidden then someone sues to because they aren’t broken out line by line
and the states always find ways to add/up the tax bill…

btw, here is a list of the taxes and fees I get to pay on my bill, and if i dig into some of them I will find a few sub taxes and fees at some point will be broken out in more lines of taxes and fees…

TAP Surcharge (Wireless) - State
Telecom Relay Surcharge (Wireless) - State
E911 (Wireless) - State
Statutory Gross Receipts - State
District Tax - County
Sales Tax - State
Fed USF Cellular - Federal
Federal Compliance Fee - Federal
Lifeline Surcharge - State


Yes, the bill went up and these are new taxes being charged. I was just wondering if anyone knew why new taxes (not change in tax rate) were charged in Fulton County, GA.


if you do a google search I am sure you will see all kinds of new taxes and fees, etc that were added
in your area… and "why"
what do they say,

death and taxes…


The Transit tax was expanded. You should have been charged for State & County all along.


looks like taxes were change last year
google taxes for GA

It may be that Republic was just informed of the taxes and they are required to collect them.


Does anybody know why I would be charged these taxes all the sudden?

Yes, the bill went up and these are new taxes being charged.

I took a look at my current invoice and previous ones…Edite: removed wrong info.

Took another look further back and some of tax details do include broken down local info. RW occasionally tweeks the portal and imagine you noticed due to another recent change.



All of those political promises cost something. Perhaps your taxes went up?


Your not the only Georgia member who’s tax went up. My bill is about $1.5 more. Although I don’t mind since honestly Georgia is in dire need of infrastructure repairs.


the current President has nothing to due with local taxes
It’s all to due with local officials and what they (and the people who vote for them) feel is need for their areas)


Yep, splost taxes are pretty popular here in Georgia. Entirely decided by vote during local elections. Usually they have a very specific project in mind such as (for my county) the building of a new combination elementary, middle, and high school. The people just over the state line in TN were pretty jealous of how good our schools look now that they had all been worked on with splost money. Although a good bit of the money was wasted by the commissioner.


Splost taxes have been a thing in Georgia since Bush was in office. They just come and go as need arrives.

I guess you could say tax cuts and spending cuts on the federal level has created the need.


Notice how people seldom notice and don’t whine or don’t give thanks when there’s a price reduction?

You were so convincing I took a closer look at my invoice history. My invoices through March 2017 detailed and added the state/local taxes. as seen on the invoice this month. Beginning in April 2017 through January 2017 those taxes were not collected. Sorry my previous response was faulty.

RW may have made a system change last year the inadvertently stopped charging for and collecting the taxes? We may just be seeing a return to normal after a long sales tax holiday.

Would somebody else care to look at their invoice history?



My invoices don’t show a tax change till way back in March 2017.



Believe that’s what I said. “through March 2017” = invoices prior to and including March 2017.

Do you see that state/local taxes were not collected for a period of time?



Mine were, they were just cheaper. (For me)


I see the same thing. Local Sales taxes (county and state) were collected through March 2017, and then in April they stopped. The latest bill added the local sales tax back and added a transit (local) tax as well.


Where was your No County and State Taxes topic last year?

Appreciate you bringing the subject to bare and thanks for your update. An unintentional gift from RW I didn’t notice. Wonder if it just applied to GA members or system wide.



I saw the same thing too, also local to Fulton County. Thanks for creating this topic and saving me a support ticket open with RW.


Here is what RW Support stated about the taxes:

In regards to the taxes applied to your invoice, please know that there was an issue with the tax codes associated with your account and a fix was pushed to correct this issue at the beginning of February. Therefore, the County. Local, and State Sales tax were supposed to be applied towards your monthly service invoice, however, they were not and when the fix was pushed, the tax was appropriately applied towards your monthly service.