New customer brings his own Moto G 4 play

Hello, currently a verizon customer trying to bring 3 phones over to RW. I will need to purchase 3 new phones and I want to try the service 1st to make sure it works well in this area (05047). Have an new unlocked moto g 4 play from best buy. All I need now is a sim card? Just want to make sure i am not overlooking anything.

Thanks, Dale@

You might want to take the phone back to Best Buy for a refund as your best coverage is through Sprint and not TMobile according the coverage checker.

The only way to get current coverage with Sprint is to order the phone from Republic. Otherwise you get TMobile if you BYOP which according to the coverage checker will not work well for you.

Note a phone sale on the Motorola phones starts 2/19.…

Coverage Check | Republic Wireless

from the coverage checker it looks like BYOD network is not covered very well

BYOD is on the GSM Network so you will not have good luck with the Moto Z family, Galaxy S6 or J3 and the Huawei Ascend 5W as they are all GSM only the good news is CDMA is covered there but you need to purchase phones from Republic

I want to try the service 1st to make sure it works well in this area (05047).

Yes all you would need to check GSM network coverage is a RW BYOP SIM card. Only thing you were missing is that RW believes their CDMA network would make you a happier camper. If you decide to try the BYOP GSM you may not get a representation of the coverage if you decide to purchase your additional phones from RW.

I’d suggest you browse the GSM network provider’s map for your areas of use. Ask family, friends, co-workers and others of their local experience.

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