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So I have been putting off the switch to Republic wireless for over a year now. Seriously considered after PTEL went out of business, but didn’t as I wasn’t able to use my non-RW 1st gen Moto G.

Found a good price on a BYOD phone; I’m now signed up and active. Here are my new customer comments.

  1. Hard pill to swallow switching to this service if you don’t already have a compatible phone. The upfront costs in buying a decent phone make it questionable as to whether it’s worth the switch in the long run. $10 w/ tax and shipping for the sim card doesn’t add any incentive either.

suggestion: give some level of incentive to new customers who bring their own device to offset their phone purchase.

reason: I’m now left with a ‘meh’ feeling towards the switch until I break even from the phone cost since the switch is only saving me maybe $9/month. Conversely, I suppose those coming from a contract plan that is much more expensive per month wouldn’t have as much issue. Would still rather be excited about using your service as a new customer than not. Just something to consider for those coming from other non-contract plans.

  1. No possible way to allow data usage to be viewed through account portal on web. Not sure the reasons behind this, but makes it difficult to monitor data usage on other family member’s phone without having it in-hand. Seems there would be some way you could provide usage through the regular web interface.

  1. Save the good news for last. No issues with bringing my own phone. Sim card was shipped in a very timely manner. The activation was easy and porting the phone number to RW took 24 hours. So far, everything appears to operate as described. Good experience with the service thus far.

I’m hoping you find continued success in gaining new customers and providing more improvements to existing customers as well.


Welcome to Republic Wireless @barrys.hppwrj. Most of those you see here in the Community are fellow customers, but staff does watch as well, so I’m sure you feedback will be noted and appreciated!

If you have further questions, feel free to start a new topic, as there is a lot of knowledge to be had here, and many who are willing to help out with any questions or problems.

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