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I would like to signup for this service. I am presently using Version.I will need two lines (wife&self)at the minimum plan. I presently have a Kyocera (which I am very unhappy with) I need to know which phone you recommend–just need to send and receive messages. No fancy stuff. I’ve looked at the Alcatel A-30 and the BLU Advance 5.2 - Unlocked Smartphone - 5.2" Display, 8GB +1. I will choose which every one you recommend. My wife has a Samsung. Do we need to replace her phone as well. I would like to make this change as soon as possible. Thank you for support.


Hi @b0923rlc

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Here is a list of supported Republic Wireless phones Republic Wireless 3.0 Phones

Of the 2 you mentioned only the Alcatel A-30 (5046G) is listed in the BYOP program. Those last number are important so make sure it’s that model and version. It is also available in the RW store (ver A576RW) . The BLU phone is not compatible with RW.

Your wife might be able to use her Samsung if it is in the BYOP list (again version/model #s must match)

Hope this helps!


Hi @b0923rlc,

First, please know you’ve posted your question to Republic’s online Community, which is a public Internet forum. There are lots of helpful folks here perfectly capable of answering your questions, however, I wanted to be certain you were aware you’re not speaking directly to Republic here per se.

I suggest starting by making sure your Verizon numbers will transfer. You may do so here: Switch to Republic | Republic Wireless.

Presuming the numbers you wish to transfer pass the number check tool and you haven’t already done so, please proceed to purchase your Republic phone(s) at Republic’s online store: Or, your SIM card(s) if you own a supported phone. This Republic Help Center document walks you through the entire process of bringing a phone sourced elsewhere to Republic: How to Bring Your Own Phone to Republic Wireless (BYOP) – Republic Help.

In order to transfer your numbers, you need an active Republic phone to transfer it to. Republic will assign a temporary number that will be replaced upon successful transfer of your number.

Republic’s documentation describing how to transfer your number and gather the needed information to do so is here: How to Transfer Your Number to Republic Wireless – Republic Help.

As mentioned by @SuperT, the BLU Advance is not compatible with Republic’s network. Though the Alcatel A30 is, based on personal experience, I would not recommend it. The least expensive phone currently sold by Republic I would recommend is the $129. Moto E5 Play. You’ll want to verify coverage will work and may do so here: 4G LTE + WiFi for the Best Cell Phone Coverage | Republic Wireless.