New Defy drops calls



Troubles with dropping calls.

While on wifi, I call a number and it ends at the first ring. Also while on wifi, I’ve lost a call twice while in the middle of talking.

While not on wifi, I’ve had problems with calls not connecting at all. Plus ending after the first ring.

The phone is new, not even a month yet. Concerned about it.




Problem: Outbound calls placed over cell service result in a busy signal or fast busy every time.

Cause: Phone number wasn’t dialed with 10 digits.

Solution: All outbound calls must be dialed with 10 digits to insure completion.

Problem: Outbound calls placed over cell service won’t complete.

Cause: Mobile data and/or roaming data are not enabled.

Solution: Enable both checkboxes for data under Settings / Wireless & networks / Mobile networks. Don’t worry about the warning for roaming charges, there aren’t any.

Problem: Outbound Wi-Fi call rings once, then disconnects. Phone doesn’t usually try to re-dial this failure on cell.

Cause: Unknown. Experienced by a lot of members on the first call of the day or the first call after the phone’s screen has been off for a while.

Solution: Redial the call. The redial is almost always successful.

Problem: A Wi-Fi call in progress seems to drop, or one party can’t hear the other in the 15 seconds to 2 minute timeframe.

Cause: The Wi-Fi router has a feature for handling “SIP” enabled (sometimes written “SIP ALG”).

Solution: Disable any router feature that mentions SIP. Note that this is NOT the same as SPI, which is occasionally, but much less often, a problem.

Problem: Wi-Fi calls drop at exactly 15 minutes.

Cause(1): Battery Manager app on phone is turning off Wi-Fi.

Solution(1): Set Battery Manager to “Performance mode”

Cause(2): Issues within Republic’s infrastructure.

Solution(2): Report the problem to Republic.

(With thanks to @andreas and @southpawkb for reminding me of the (1) cause/solution)


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