New double split messages

What phone do you have? Moto play z3

What plan are you on? My Choice + 3 GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data

Issue Description

So recently when i get a text from someone and get a pic it branches off into a new message. Then If i respond to old message they get it, if i respond to new message they get it. But as i respond to old message there response goes to new message and now I have basically 2 active messages because there receiving 1 message and it randomly goes to old or new branch of message making it difficult to fallow. And I would like to fix this as its really jumbling up communications.

It also breaks the new branch into all the pics that were sent or shared with me with no text messages into new branch, but new texts will come into this message. Removes the persons full name that I’m messaging with and make it a (Person/me) type conversation kinda like a group thing.

Hi @jasonk.h0bd3m,

I think this may be what you’re describing. Please see if the steps given help.


Ok, I did this and fallowed it. however * Confirm the phone number in Android Messages instructions: I fallowed that and I don’t see any phone # at all. its blank when i hit advanced. So is my # stored in another area?

Once you get to the advanced settings menu, are you able to tap the “Phone number” setting and enter your number?

no, but I fallowed as much as I could with that article… things seemed to be fine and then today it started again


I’m sorry to hear it’s happening again. Sometimes you may have to refresh the Republic Activation again.

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