New feature to Moto Z

My roughly 738 day old Moto Z has a new feature. It is now a desktop phone. It dies almost immediately upon unplugging. This is inspire of a Moto mod battery. Hard resets bring no change. What to do?

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I’ve read quite a few battery complaints for the Moto Z on the Moto forums. Most of the time the problem seems to be a failing battery. Your phone is no longer in the warranty period. You might try contacting Motorola to see if they will do anything for you.

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Unfortunately it looks like you’re a bit too late, but for others and future reference some credit cards will automatically extend the warranty period for an additional year … worth checking out ahead of time

Same problem here and it started in Novemeber or Dec 2018 and has gotten worse and now my Moto Z (bought in June 2017) has to be always plugged in or it will race to 75% and then die after touching anything.

So many people had this happen after an Android update that it’s just as likely to be some software problem as hardware.

Having seen Motorola’s lack of caring (they just said do factory reset and closed the issue as “solved” [] despite that not fixing the problem) I have absolutely zero interest in ever buying another phone made by Motorola.

I’m hoping Republic can get on board with the new Asus Zenfone 6 soon. Otherwise I might have to leave Republic…

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Maybe I’m just lucky, but my Moto Z is still doing OK in the battery department. I need to recharge it only about 3 times in a 2-week period, but I’m not a heavy user and turn it off overnight. The only problem I have is the USB cable C connector will charge only on one side. If I turn it around and plug it into the phone, nada.

Hi @larc919,

Have you tried a different cable?

It’s the charging cable that came with the phone. I’ve done a slow charge from my computer with another cable and there’s no problem. But as long as it works one way, turning it around if needed isn’t any trouble.

Cables go bad. Sounds like that one has. Likely a new cable will resolve your issue.

And you are on Android version 8.0 (Oreo)?

Yes, on Oreo with August 2018 security update. When I first got Oreo, charges suddenly didn’t last as long. But after I reset the battery (stayed on charging a couple of hours after the phone reached 100%), it seemed matters improved some.

I too hope that we will have new Medium level or Medium-high level options for phones with Republic. Your phone is unusable after only 18 months; that’s criminal! That seems to strongly work against RW ethic of value and saving money!

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Yeah, I’ve saved a lot on my phone bill but this was by far the worst value I’ve ever gotten out of the device itself.

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