New from Republic Wireless: A data-only SIM card


Update, 3/12/2019. Republic Wireless is ending the pilot program of the Data SIM card. Once current stock is depleted, it will not be replenished. Data SIM cards will be honored according to the current terms, through the expiration date printed on the card.

Update, 1/18/2019. The Republic Wireless data-only SIM is now available through our authorized reseller on Ebay as well as Amazon.

12/14/2018: Republic Wireless is pleased to announce a data-only SIM card, now available through our authorized reseller MaxProductSales on Amazon.

The data-only SIM card is available in two sizes:

  1. 30 days of unlimited1 data for $30 (plus tax where applicable)
  2. 90 days of unlimited2 data for $75 (plus tax where applicable)

The data-only SIM is ready-to-use

This is a prepaid, one-time-use, plug-and-play SIM card; simply purchase it through Amazon, install it in your favorite unlocked, GSM-compatible device, and enjoy!
:heavy_check_mark: No contract
:heavy_check_mark: No payment method to enter
:heavy_check_mark: No account creation
:heavy_check_mark: No recurring payments to worry about
:heavy_check_mark: Great for hotspots and tethering!

1 The 30-day SIM card expires 30 days after delivery first use and includes 20 GB of 4G LTE data, where available, then unlimited data at 2G speeds. Roaming is not included.

2 The 90-day SIM card expires 90 days after delivery first use and includes 20 GB of 4G LTE data per 30 days, then unlimited data at 2G speeds. Roaming is not included.

Supported Bands (Radio Frequencies) for Republic's New Data Only SIM
Data usage-unable to buy more data
Republic Wireless Unlimited Data-Only SIM
Using Hot Spots

So to be absolutely clear, these are single use, non-renewable cards (the Amazon product page makes it pretty clear).


Will this new offer be made to add data to my existing cell phone plan? Right now it looks like $5 per gig which would be $100 for 20 Gig. Is there an option coming where I can add 20 gig to my existing choice plan for $30?


Hi @cbwahlstrom,

Yes, you have understood correctly. Sorry my post wasn’t clear enough, where I wrote “one-time-use”.


Hi @mistermike,

The Data SIM is a new product offering and does not in any way suggest any coming changes to any of our plans.


Thanks for the quick answer southpaw. I currently have the 1 gig Clear Choice plan and never go over… unless, maybe once a year, while camping and there is no wifi, and I must do everything over cell. Then, 1 gig is not enough. Would I be able to buy one of the data only 20 gig sims and alternate it with my existing gsm (Samsung 7) sim? i.e. stream a movie then swap Sims and make a call?


There’s no reason why that wouldn’t work. That being said, unless you plan to use more than 6GB of data, there’s no reason to go through the hassle as using the data will still be cheaper on your plan and you wouldn’t have to swap the SIM back to make a call.


Well this is a different approach I did not think of or expect.

Independent one time use no account or anything needed. Just buy and insert.
I can kinda see the appeal to simple ease of use of that say for a known set trip or event…but it is a limited usage case …imo.

I think it is asking for trouble to have it “activate” / start the clock when it is Delivered.
That puts it on the user to take the precise and conscious thought process as to when to order and mind the shipping time and arrival date. If it arrives too early, they then loose service days that they paid for but never used…sure to see some users come here to question that. And there is no way to extend the service days should they need them, if their trip ends up taking longer or whatever reason. It just dies. And you can’t stack them, since the clock starts at Delivery date.

It would make much more practical sense to have the clock start once the SIM is actually first installed in to the device and first connected to network. That way, user can buy card a head of time, but only start using it when their needed one time use timeframe is needed and also alows stacking, in that u can buy more than one card to use later or to switch to when the first runs out.

Also, what happens if the SIM is misdelivered? How does user get their money back?..or if it delivered to user long before the tracking system is updated to reflect that, while the SIM still work? (I have had USPS tracking system take 4 days to update around this time of year to say an item was delivered.)

And this design also still does not address the more common usage case that many posted they wanted when RW asked about Data SIM only feedback. As alike to what Fi offfers, In that many folks have a tablet or secondary device they use all the time that could use a data only SIM that shares their phone account for connectivity and no longer need to use WiFi teathering on their phone (which eats battery). Not one time use SIMS that have a 30 or 90 day usage limit, then u have to buy a new physical one.

RW sure gets props for creativity and uniqueness here…but failed to address the the majority of what customers wanted and were expecting for regular use, in my opinion. Not to say that this idea wont have its usage case…i am sure some folks out there may find this useful. I would just hope that RW would at some point in the future offer Data only SIM’s to use monthly, like Fi does.


This is an Amazon purchase like any other and covered by Amazon return and buyer protection policies.

On the other hand, I love this idea. It’s simple. Has little/no support burden for Republic. Has no fulfillment burden. Doesn’t require a reworking on the plans, billing systems or anything else that would be required versus what you’re suggesting.


Well…just wait until folks start posting multiple threads complaining that the sim stopped working during their time of need because they got it to soon…or because they feel they are being cheated paying for service days they can not or do not want to use…as they already do for data on their phones that do not roll over. That then does create some further load on RW and the community members to address the influx of posts and otherwise support requests.

It is a given, the average customer often does not fully read or comprehend the specific details or fine print that inform them of something important like when a time frame starts or what the raw limits are. They just read the title and buy, setting thier own expectations.

And they would have a valid point here…as with all other one time use refill cards or companies where u have to buy service days(like Tracphone), those cards start the clock when u activate them, not when you buy them. So, can you see why many may get upset when this one product is not like the rest and they just assume it is. Especially on Amazon where it is even more rare that folks scroll down to read the item details.

EDIT: Also, how is it gonna be for R.W when user buys the card, does not use it for 30 days, and finds out it is now dead and they just wasted $30. And what is stoping a user from buying the card, and returning it on day 29 via Amazon? I didnt even think amazon would accept a return of a sim card…that is not something that makes sence to be returnable.

Edit 2: Also, the 30 day card shows as $45 on Amazon, not $30. and $74.99 for 90 days not $75. Neither of which are Prime, so who knows when one would get it delivered to them.


I will put it another way.

I can’t buy this Data only SIM and use it on a regular basis month to month in my tablet, shring the data plan i have on my phone.

I can’t buy this Data only SIM now, and stick it in my travel kit so that I can use it when a trip comes up later down the road, either sudden or short notice, or planned.

If i have a planned/scheduled trip or event say, 3 months from now where I know I would want this SIM, I have to figure out the exact date I should order this SIM from Amazon to have it delivered buy the day or so before I left, assuming and hoping of course, that it is in stock and that there is no processing or shipment delays.

The last usage case certainly will work for some…and no doubt they will find it usefull…I wont argue that. But for me, and many others, we are the first 2 usage cases and sadly, the design of this new offer becomes useless/irrelevant to us.


and who pays for the repairs when someone, me, with fat fingers destroys their sim reader in whatever device when trying to get the sim in when not look at what they are doing
me again.


This offering is of limited use. So what? If it works for you, great. If not, find another option. It’s better than the alternative, which was nothing but tethering. And hey, you can still tether. They just offer this other option too.


So now we’re trying to hold Republic’s offer accountable both for people not reading terms and for people damaging their phones? This just keeps getting better and better.


Of course…I am just disappointed because it is very close to the thing many need and want…but just isn’t.

I am just saying, and I am sure many would agree with me later on, that one tiny change in the model as it is now, in that the service timeframe starts when you insert it into device, would make a big difference and would attract more users, new and current, myself included. I was ready to buy one to keep on hand, until i read that the service starts at delivery.

Relay would be something I consider of limited usage case/ targeted user base, that I personally have no need or interest in. But it is still a very unique product/service that I commend RW on doing.

Customers do it all the time. See it many times here on the forums…and in Amazon reviews and my own retail store work experience, blame the seller/company that makes it or sells it to them for any and all issues or assumptions they had in regards to the product and/or service. (Fi Fourms are flooded with folks right now who don’t understand why their iPhones don’t do what Fi phones do, despite it being clearly obvious shown to them when they sign up and they even have to click Agree button to acknowledge they understand it)

Don’t take my nitpicks and comments the wrong way…I am happy to see RW evolve and offer new things. I just wish they were useful to me, and thus why I, and others are free to share their thoughts on how to make things better in the future.

EDIT: Any response to why the prices on Amazon do not match what RW states they are?


Yes, a pricing error. Republic is working on getting it corrected.


Hi @SpeedingCheetah,

Thanks for all the what-if scenarios. Republic Wireless will handle any questions and complaints fairly, as we always do.

Good to hear all the reasons this offer isn’t a good fit for you. There’s nothing about this Announcement that suggests this has to be our only/final venture into the world of data SIMs.

We’d love to hear from a variety of members about different real-life uses they would have for Data SIM cards.


Agree. There are a lot of problems with activation when “delivered.” Sort of a non-starter as a gift or stocking stuffer.


Like…many have here already: (to which present a different implementation concept)


For those who haven’t yet noted it, there’s a companion PWK blog here: Republic Wireless Unlimited Data-Only SIM.

Though not intended as a direct answer to any of the points raised here, I find this portion of the FAQ particularly relevant nonetheless:

Can I check how much data I’ve used? Because we are testing this product, there is not currently a feature built-out to allow you to check the amount of data you have used.