New from Republic Wireless: A data-only SIM card


Of course…I am just disappointed because it is very close to the thing many need and want…but just isn’t.

I am just saying, and I am sure many would agree with me later on, that one tiny change in the model as it is now, in that the service timeframe starts when you insert it into device, would make a big difference and would attract more users, new and current, myself included. I was ready to buy one to keep on hand, until i read that the service starts at delivery.

Relay would be something I consider of limited usage case/ targeted user base, that I personally have no need or interest in. But it is still a very unique product/service that I commend RW on doing.

Customers do it all the time. See it many times here on the forums…and in Amazon reviews and my own retail store work experience, blame the seller/company that makes it or sells it to them for any and all issues or assumptions they had in regards to the product and/or service. (Fi Fourms are flooded with folks right now who don’t understand why their iPhones don’t do what Fi phones do, despite it being clearly obvious shown to them when they sign up and they even have to click Agree button to acknowledge they understand it)

Don’t take my nitpicks and comments the wrong way…I am happy to see RW evolve and offer new things. I just wish they were useful to me, and thus why I, and others are free to share their thoughts on how to make things better in the future.

EDIT: Any response to why the prices on Amazon do not match what RW states they are?


Yes, a pricing error. Republic is working on getting it corrected.


Hi @SpeedingCheetah,

Thanks for all the what-if scenarios. Republic Wireless will handle any questions and complaints fairly, as we always do.

Good to hear all the reasons this offer isn’t a good fit for you. There’s nothing about this Announcement that suggests this has to be our only/final venture into the world of data SIMs.

We’d love to hear from a variety of members about different real-life uses they would have for Data SIM cards.


Agree. There are a lot of problems with activation when “delivered.” Sort of a non-starter as a gift or stocking stuffer.


Like…many have here already: (to which present a different implementation concept)


For those who haven’t yet noted it, there’s a companion PWK blog here: Republic Wireless Unlimited Data-Only SIM.

Though not intended as a direct answer to any of the points raised here, I find this portion of the FAQ particularly relevant nonetheless:

Can I check how much data I’ve used? Because we are testing this product, there is not currently a feature built-out to allow you to check the amount of data you have used.


A simple fix for most of the use case complaints: add a 30 day grace period from date of purchase to first use of the sim card. This allows plenty of time for delivery. This card will expire 30 days after first use or 60 days from date of purchase, whichever comes first. Similar with the 90 day card. If the card arrives late, you have a claim with Amazon.


Thanks for this information great to know. We go up on the mountain several times a year, hunting and just fixing our blind. And camping. With no reception up there. I just like to play my games and music.


Not simple at all. This would require Republic to build an activation system which they haven’t built as part of this test. Everything is simple until you actually have to do it.


They already have one to activate the cards they provide for normal monthly use.
These are activated when card is inserted into the device and the app used.

Second, they have to have one already for these cards that reads data in(from shipping company webste??) to get the delivery date so that the card can be activated and the usage time clock started.


The existing Republic app doesn’t activate data only SIMs and only activates the device it’s running on. So, @louisdi is correct, Republic would indeed need to build an activation system.

We do not know what mechanism is being used for Republic’s authorized Amazon seller to communicate the date on which data only SIMs should activate. Therefore, it is impossible to know how easily that might be adapted.

Bottom line, in its current incarnation, Republic’s data only SIM is a test and Republic is transparent about that here: Republic Wireless Unlimited Data-Only SIM.


Simpler fix. Start the clock when the SIM pulls it’s 1st kilobyte of data.


This is simpler because you’re aware of the way activation of the SIM works? Aware of it there’s cost to having an active SIM pulling no data (as would be required here)? Aware the Republic has a system that would allow for this? Know how the relationship with the carrier partner works?

Lots of declarations of “simple” around here based on complete and utter lack of knowledge about anything at all that would be involved in making this “simple” thing happen.


Uh yep


From the description “Plan period begins upon delivery of SIM – no activation required.”, these SIMs are already pre-activated, ready to use. RW is just tracking the delivery date, not the raw activation date of the SIM.

Thinking this through a bit more, and using the experience of what I already do at my company with sales and working with sites seller backend like Amazon, Ebay, NewEgg…etc,

They could be doing this via the Amazon business seller back-end as the tracking number is stored there and Amazon itself has built in tracking notification system, as also does NewEgg and Ebay. It is easy to export a database, or spreadsheat of fulfilled orders or invoice. They could be using the data from that to read from when setting thier usage timeline for each card. Or, make it automated thing, so when Amazon sends a notification of delivery, this is then read by RW’s systems in some fashion and updates their back-end to log and start that sim cards time line.

Down an dirty way of setting this up…seller platform’s(Amazon, ebay etc) automated email notification of item delivered to customer is read by seller’s own email client or exchange server, triggers a rule or script that reads in certain fields, stores that data, then outputs that data to internal database system/program.service that then reads and makes use of that data to do required task, in this case, start the use time line clock for that data only SIM.

(I have been experimenting with something like this for my company to both digitize our Invoice and Order history, as well as to update our inventory system …it is currently all done on paper manually by hand and data manually entered. Getting different softwares and online services to talk to one another and work they way you want certainly is a challenge. I have a bit of programing and scripting knowledge, so that helps a bit.)

If RW already has a way to track that each SIM card is now active(delivered), and futhermore track the “Plan”, to start it, then deactivate the sim when time is up, or to reset the GB each month for the 90 days, this requiring the sim card’s number. Then, it sounds like to me that they already have some system in place to track and control each data only sim card rest data allotment and kill switch. SO, in theory, the trigger to make the “Plan” start may be possible to set to when the SIM first comes to life in the system/network.

EDIT: I also would like to add the point that some users, like my self, who live in apartment complex, whose packages get delivered to a rental office that is only open certain hours each week. It is sometimes a few days, or even a week or more before we can get packages from there due to our own work hours conflict with the open office hours. Not to mention the office is closed early randomly for staff meetings, showings etc. Very frustrating. Not at all the fault of Repulic, but certainly a concern when an item time clock starts at delivery. When i ordered a phone from RW for my mother, it was delivered to office, it sat there for 9 days before I could take the time off work to get it during business hours.


Or the 3rd party seller could be emailing a list of SIM numbers with expected delivery dates and someone at Rpeublic could be manually activating them. We can speculate until the end of time, but the bottom line is none of us know.


Hi @dianes.lrzvyn,

I don’t want you to waste your money on something that isn’t going to work. When you say there’s “no reception” there, do you mean no cell service? If so, this SIM card would not work either.

Sounds like a spectacular getaway, though!


Southpaw thanks for the update. And yes it is a wonderful get away.


What I cannot seem to figure out is what kind of devices might be compatible with this data SIM. I have an old VZW Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that is not compatible with RW’s cellular calling network, but I cannot tell if it would also be incompatible with the RW data network as well. It would come in handy at times to have this phablet connected to a cell data network outside of WiFi given its screen size. How can I check a device’s compatibility with the data SIM?


Hi @thomasl.pdhmpq,

As Republic’s data only SIM is purely a cellular thing (no blended WiFi/cell service to be concerned about), it’s simply a matter of a device being GSM unlocked. Verizon operates a CDMA network and, generally doesn’t sell unlocked devices, so, candidly, it would be best to check with Verizon as to whether it’s an unlocked device and compatible with GSM networks.