New from Republic Wireless: A data-only SIM card


Or the 3rd party seller could be emailing a list of SIM numbers with expected delivery dates and someone at Rpeublic could be manually activating them. We can speculate until the end of time, but the bottom line is none of us know.


Hi @dianes.lrzvyn,

I don’t want you to waste your money on something that isn’t going to work. When you say there’s “no reception” there, do you mean no cell service? If so, this SIM card would not work either.

Sounds like a spectacular getaway, though!


Southpaw thanks for the update. And yes it is a wonderful get away.


What I cannot seem to figure out is what kind of devices might be compatible with this data SIM. I have an old VZW Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that is not compatible with RW’s cellular calling network, but I cannot tell if it would also be incompatible with the RW data network as well. It would come in handy at times to have this phablet connected to a cell data network outside of WiFi given its screen size. How can I check a device’s compatibility with the data SIM?


Hi @thomasl.pdhmpq,

As Republic’s data only SIM is purely a cellular thing (no blended WiFi/cell service to be concerned about), it’s simply a matter of a device being GSM unlocked. Verizon operates a CDMA network and, generally doesn’t sell unlocked devices, so, candidly, it would be best to check with Verizon as to whether it’s an unlocked device and compatible with GSM networks.


If there is no RW account creation, or even activation, then who/how does the user contact for help or troubleshooting, as they can not Open a Ticket without an account? This Community Forum?,

Is RW gonna sell this product direct via their own online store, for those who won’t/ can’t use Amazon for whatever reason?


The packaging provides an email address for support with service specific issues. Issues with orders, shipping, fulfillment, etc are handled by the seller.

Not during this test phase. If and when this becomes more than a test or is reshaped in some way, there’s no saying.


Thanks for the reply. My understanding is that Verizon no longer locks its 4G LTE devices. I shall try to find specifications to see about GSM compatibility.


You’re welcome!

You are correct. A fellow Ambassador was kind enough to point this out to me after I had retired from the Community last evening:

Some specs for the Verizon Note 4 are here: I don’t see any LTE compatibility. I do see 3G compatibility on Band 2 only. More here: Supported Radio Frequencies (Bands) for Republic's New Data Only SIM.


I found a site which gives this indication about the Note 4’s specs:

GSM Mhz band Quad Band 850/900

This site gives more specific details on mobile networks and data:

Thanks for your assistance.


Hi @thomasl.pdhmpq,

I understand. According to these specs, the only frequency supported by your Verizon branded Note 4 that is compatible with Republic’s GSM network partner is Band 2 (1900 MNHz) and then at 3G maximum speeds (no 4G LTE).

So, the bottom line depending upon your location is it would likely work but the experience might not be as robust as you’d hope for. I’ll leave it to you to decide if the $30 investment to find out is worth it.


Many thanks for all your assistance. We’ll give it a whirl :grinning:


Hello Roland,

So I sprung for the data SIM card (which came way before the indicated ship date), and I think you’ll be interested to know that it seems to be working beautifully on my VWZ Note 4. I had to add Republic as the APN, and that took no more than adding a new APN and typing in the word “Republic” in the Network APN settings. My status bar indicates a 4G LTE network in operation, and as far as I can tell that’s what is happening. I have a road trip coming up tomorrow so that will be the test for this device. So again, thanks. If this continues to work this well I think I will have a good deal of use for it.


Hi @thomasl.pdhmpq,

I’m happy to hear it’s seemingly working for you. Please do let us know how well it continues to work as you kick the tires.


I’ve never had a phone that used SIM cards. If you need a SIM to run the phone, how do you add the data SIM?


The data only SIM does not provide cell service. If you wish to use the data SIM in your phone (e.g., you wish to temporarily use it as a hotspot for your laptop), you would need to swap it with the Republic cell service SIM. During that time, you would not be able to receive or make phone calls.


Would phone calls go to voice mail or simply vanish?
Seems like a hotspot would be a better choice - any ideas for those as RW doesn’t sell them? Thanks!


They would go to voicemail. You would then be able to retreive them after you reinstall the Republic SIM, or if you call in from another phone that has active cell service.

Republic does not sell freestandng hotspots.


Some compatible hotspot devices here: Republic Wireless Unlimited Data-Only SIM. My advice is to get the Alcatel or the Netgear. The ZTE is an older non-LTE device.


Thanks for the assist! Over to Amazon I go. Happy New Year to all!