New from Republic Wireless: A data-only SIM card


Hi @thomasl.pdhmpq,

I’m happy to hear it’s seemingly working for you. Please do let us know how well it continues to work as you kick the tires.

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I’ve never had a phone that used SIM cards. If you need a SIM to run the phone, how do you add the data SIM?



The data only SIM does not provide cell service. If you wish to use the data SIM in your phone (e.g., you wish to temporarily use it as a hotspot for your laptop), you would need to swap it with the Republic cell service SIM. During that time, you would not be able to receive or make phone calls.



Would phone calls go to voice mail or simply vanish?
Seems like a hotspot would be a better choice - any ideas for those as RW doesn’t sell them? Thanks!



They would go to voicemail. You would then be able to retreive them after you reinstall the Republic SIM, or if you call in from another phone that has active cell service.

Republic does not sell freestandng hotspots.

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Some compatible hotspot devices here: Republic Wireless Unlimited Data-Only SIM. My advice is to get the Alcatel or the Netgear. The ZTE is an older non-LTE device.



Thanks for the assist! Over to Amazon I go. Happy New Year to all!



We’ve updated the Data SIM’s expiration policy so that it will expire 30 days after first use, rather than 30 days after delivery. Our authorized reseller will be making the changes in the Amazon store. It can take up to 24 hours for the changes to be visible on the Amazon listing.

We appreciate your feedback and discussion on the policy, and your continued interest in our products and service!






Is the 90 day card no longer available? The link for the 90 day card is pointing back to the 30 day card.



Generally, it means the 90-day card is temporarily out of stock and awaiting replenishment.



Our team is working with the reseller to determine why the 90-day card is not listed. It is our intent for it to be available, but there may be temporary periods when the reseller adjusts different things causing either card to become unavailable.



This is HUGE! It means I don’t have to put a reminder on my calendar to reorder hahaha! Thanks, RW!

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The Republic data only SIM I ordered Monday arrived today. In this case, free shipping (not Amazon Prime) was two-days. I realize that will vary by location but it looks like the seller and/or Amazon is extremely conservative with delivery estimates. Bottom line; the seller got it out the door on the same day I ordered it, which is all one can reasonably ask.



I’ve updated the announcement above because the data-only SIM is now available on Ebay as well as Amazon.



This is sweet. Thanks! I can now justify buying one and waiting until I need it for a specific purpose, like vacation travel. Excellent decision!

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I don’t know if I am too late in answering, but I’d recommend getting an inexpensive smartphone rather than a dedicated hotspot device. I’d recommend something like the Nokia 3.1 or 6.1. Since it has tethering capabilities, you could use the Nokia as a mobile hotspot, but you’d also have the advantage of a data-capable tablet as well.

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That’s an excellent solution! For my purposes, I need to be able to talk and search at the same time, so I went with the hotspot. I also have an old iPhone that I use sometimes.
I’m almost at the end of the first 30-day SIM and I’ve ordered 2 more. I know the 3-month plan is less expensive, but I can’t afford to have “down time” in case I use the 20G in <30 days.
The change to “activate at first use” is awesome!



I’ve update the top post in this Announcement topic with the news that our pilot program for the Data SIM is coming to an end.

Once current stock is depleted, it will not be replenished. Data SIM cards will be honored according to the current terms, through the expiration date printed on the card.



Interesting, and thanks for the update.


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