New from Republic Wireless: A data-only SIM card

I’ve update the top post in this Announcement topic with the news that our pilot program for the Data SIM is coming to an end.

Once current stock is depleted, it will not be replenished. Data SIM cards will be honored according to the current terms, through the expiration date printed on the card.

Interesting, and thanks for the update.

Well, stink - I should have bought a case when I had the chance.

Is there a similar program in the works since the pilot is gone? this would be wonderful for camping in the rv throughout the summer.

Hi Kelly, welcome to the community. While never say never certainly applies, the way I read the end of the trial is that Republic decided not to move forward with this product on a permanent basis, and so no program is in the works.


All I want to do is add a additional phone.

@joer.f1rlde This thread is about a data only product that Republic was testing. If you need help with purchasing a new/additional phone you may want to open a thread on the topic.

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Sorry to see the trial is over, I hope RW will consider something similar in the near future. I didn’t buy any when I had the chance because I didn’t have the need then and my old hotspot is not compatible. Now that my youngest is in the military I am moving towards traveling nation wide at work and thought this was the solution for my internet usage. Also I would give him a hotspot and a sim card when he came back on leave.

$1.25 or even $1.50 per GB is an incredible value and although 20GB may have been more than I would use each month it still cost way less than the competition. As others have said, had I known it was going away I would have stocked up. I can’t wait to see RW’s next big idea if it’s anything like this one was.

Again, if there’s any chance RW brings it back, I’m in.

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