New G5 plus received yesterday no cellular data


I am upgrading from G1 to G5 plus with Republic. First told to load sim card with no instructions provided. Didn’t have to do this with previous phone. Found a YouTube clip to show me how to open sim slot. Played around with card till I got it in but have no idea if it is in correctly since there were no instructions on what a sim card looks like and how to insert it. Phone works OK at home on WiFi but leaving the house there is nothing. I was able to test making a phone call. Everywhere I looked on phone it said I had no internet connection. Never had to do anything before with my G1. sent to me already set up. Can’t tell if I’m on Sprint or t-mobile.


I just pulled out clip holding sim, checked it and put it back again after looking at another youtube clip and now it’s working. Note to Republic, don’t assume that everyone is a tech person. Link us from your statements insert sim card to other people who will explain what a sim card is, how to open slot, and how to insert it.


Here’s the SIM document for future reference

As to finding out if you have GSM or CDMA carrier.
Open the phone dialer
Enter *#*#786#*#*
If nothing happens, you have GSM.
If you get SprintDM screen you have CDMA or Sprint.


This is good but how long would it have take me to locate it. Using uncommon words and abbreviations should be followed with links to provide more information (and links back to beginning) for those of us who don’t have the interest to learn all of the new tech stuff. Republic, try to imagine instructions from your doctor on how to do your own surgery and understand what some of us go through.


Hi @deborahw.smx4oo

Great point and completely understandable.

Hopefully, the doctor would have an active forum with laymen, medical students, practitioners and surgeons, who are happy and willing to assist other forum members with advice and instructions when questions about the procedure arise.



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