New Google pay / RW compatible?

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Anyone know if the new Google Pay is compatible with Republic Wireless?

I’m a little concerned because I pay wherever I can with NFC with Google Pay and Google is switching to a new program confusingly also called Google Pay that works through SMS – and it will perform an authentication using SMS. I’m worried that it’ll be blocked because of a VOIP check like Venmo and other sites, but I have nothing to go on yet.

Anyone successfully tried it yet? I think it just became public in the last week.

I have a Pixel 5 here and the latest plan from RW.

Hi @robg.ev3gek

I think the new Google Pay is designed to replace the old Google Pay.

I just installed the new Google Pay app on my Moto G Play 2021 and was able to receive the verification text to my Republic Wireless number using the Republic Anywhere app. In fact, the Google Pay app read the text and self verified. I didn’t need to enter the code,


Hi @robg.ev3gek,

I just tested this a day or so ago and can confirm @johnny5’s experience. For what it’s worth, my understanding, is that the NFC portion of the new Google Pay still links to the cards stored in one’s Google account. SMS is used for initial verification and person to person payments.

I also discovered “enterprise” Google accounts are not supported. So, for those using Google Workspace (f/k/a G Suite f/k/a Google Apps for Domains) accounts from their employer or school, you will need a personal Google account (anything ending in to use the new Google Pay for NFC payments.

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Thank you, guys!

I was just afraid of yet another Venmo-type experience here. I just care about the NFC paying capabilities because it’s less exposure of my credit card info at fast food and other stores. There’s nothing like waving your phone near the credit card machine and having it pay instantly!


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