New google point


Is this just a cell booster or actual wifi service for your home?


Hi @susanv.ckbq2n,

A quick Google search brought up nothing specific to “Google Point”: Might you have a link to what you reference?

Are you referring to the Google WiFi router (which might be termed an access point) Republic recently started selling?


Hi @susanv.ckbq2n,

The Google WiFI product now in our online store is a router that can also be set up as an access point. It does not boost cell service and it does not provide Wi-Fi service. It works with the third-party internet service to which you choose to subscribe to allow you to build a reliable, consistent Wi-Fi network.

We don’t sell it as part of any new service, but because it is a simple “plug and play” style router with reliable results that seems to work well with Republic Wireless phones.

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