New GSM coverage

I’ve had RW almost since their beginning. I live in a rural area where the GSM coverage has not been good and I have needed a new CDMA card each time I upgrade my phone. It looks as if RW will now be partnering with ATT, which my neighbors have, and they have good wireless coverage here.

So my question is: will the new GSM sim work for me (provided that ATT coverage is good)?

Given that CDMA technology is going away soon, and both our phones are coming to the end of their usefulness, it would be helpful to know as we await the changes that are coming.

Republic’s new SIM, when available, would indeed be a good fit based on your description of AT&T coverage in your area.

What are the brands, models and generations of the phones in question? It’s not a given that your current phones wouldn’t outlive Sprint’s CDMA network.

Both phones are Moto G7. They are about 2.5 years old. Since we don’t have land lines, they get a lot of use and my wife has no patience for when they begin to slow down or lose some of their touch sensitivity. I suspect that they could also take a GSM sim, but I haven’t investigated.

Thanks for the info. I was hoping that I had interpreted the changes correctly, and it looks as if I had. It will be nice actually to be on the GSM sim, because while it has been critical to have good reception in the 100 acres of forest behind the house, there are other places in town where we get little reception, whereas our ATT-using neighbors get good reception. So looking forward to that.


You are correct, sir and your Moto G7s are compatible with Republic’s forthcoming but not yet available SIM. New phones are, of course, also an option.

You should also know there isn’t need for immediate action. When new plans (and corresponding SIMs) are available, your current My Choice plans will be grandfathered. Additionally, though T-Mobile has said it intends to shut down Sprint’s CDMA networks, there’s still some life left in them. According to T-Mobile, Sprint’s 3G network will be shut down as of March 31, 2022. But, Sprint’s LTE network will not be shut down until June 30, 2022. Your Moto G7s are compatible with Sprint’s LTE network.

My suggestion to you and your wife would be hold tight for now pending Republic’s forthcoming, hopefully soon, announcement.

So it sounds like RW is planning on using the AT&T network for the new plans. Is the plan to make all new RW activation’s using the AT&T SIMs exclusively?


Yes, thanks. I am in no particular rush, though I was thinking that if I saw some holiday deals on compatible phones, it might be worth it. Though if I can wrestle my wife’s phone out of her hands for a bit, I might be able to clean it up enough that she is satisfied for a few months still.

Republic’s “stayed tuned” landing page for its temporarily offline online store says:

We’re moving to a bigger and better network.

It’s widely known that DISH (Republic’s corporate parent) and AT&T signed a $5 billion agreement for AT&T to supply network services to its MVNO brands inclusive of Republic.

Anything more detailed than above will need to wait for Republic’s announcement when new plans are available.

Keep in mind, Republic itself may never publicly identify the cellular network partner. This is a common industry contractual practice. For example, Ting does not publicly identify its cellular network partners though it’s equally widely known they are currently T-Mobile and Verizon. All Ting says publicly is that it offers X3 and V1 SIMs.

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The logic is impeccable and the current “stay tuned” period makes decision making more of a challenge. My feeling is absent an urgent need (lost/stolen/broken phone), it’s best to wait for things to sort out. If anything the list of compatible phones will expand, which may in and of itself be sufficient reason for waiting.