New Help Document Process Is Making a Powerful Impact!


Our documentation team has recently adopted a new process for creating knowledge-base content, and we’re seeing impressive results. In the last week, 60 new help articles have been written, based on actual questions posed by our members.

Not only does the process encourage the creation of new articles, it also enables regular reviews of existing articles, so any content that may need to be updated, is done so in a very timely manner. In the last week, 103 existing articles were updated.

Here are the 10 newest articles, in each of our help sections:

How To’s:

Questions and Answers


Our How To’s, Questions and Answers, and Solutions categories make up our new “Support Notes” category within the Help Center.

For those of you who are @Ambassadors and @Experts (and those who might want to be) or those who are very interested in staying abreast of our fixes, our articles are listed newest-first in their sections, allowing you to skim quickly for new articles that might interest you.

How To’s
Questions and Answers

Why is Motorola G5 Plus more expensive through Republic than in market?

This process has been in place for a while. It is actually the steps that customers were previously asked to follow, but it would take multiple steps, meaning the customer would open the ticket up front, then they would be asked to cancel the line and create and activate on the new account, then a follow-up would have to be done to retrieve the number. This gets the upfront stuff done upfront to hopefully expedite the completion.

(I deleted my response to your deleted response).


Actually, I was completely confused and thinking about SPLITTING a phone off an account. Ignore me.


The process changed recently. Unfortunately not all changes can result in enhanced user experiences or reduction to Support’s workload, yet may still be necessary. In this case, the launch of Republic Anywhere affected our former number-swap process, and we remain in a transitional period for number swaps on a single account.

Voicemail is not retained under the new process.
E-mail is not related to number swaps in any way.


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I’m really excited for everyone to see the results of the new process we have in place for creating/updating content in the Help Center. I am amazed at the results so far and we’re just getting started. Over the next few months, the Help Center will continue to grow exponentially. Our hope is to improve the self-service experience by providing everyone with an abundance of clear, concise, and up to date information that’s based on your questions and issues. This new process takes the guess work out of the equation and gives us a more data driven approach to what content is being asked for and used the most.


It is a lot to browse, should probably search. It is included in the search. Browsing it would cause crossed eyes.


Wow, I just found the Support Notes in less than a minute.


Perhaps we should make it part of a Community scavenger hunt! :mag_right:


This week our Help Center has seen 87 existing articles edited, and 45 new articles published. Here are this week’s newest articles in each of our Support Notes sections:

How To’s

Questions and Answers



The Support team is publishing more and more relevant knowledge to the Republic Help Center each week. Have you noticed? Not only is article relevancy picking up, but so is the pace of publishing as more and more engineers get comfortable with the new approach to knowledge sharing.

How do I know these articles are more relevant than what you’ve seen in the past on the RW Help Center site you may ask? Well, that’s the beauty of the process. All of these articles are a byproduct of a recent interaction with one of our Members, so the most of guess work is removed. Such an approach drives up the relevancy of the entire Knowledge Base and ensures when you search, you find something helpful. Kind of a requirement of a Help Center, right! :grinning:

I should also point out that all of these articles published in the last week are in their infancy. Please expect them to evolve over time as more and more interactions are logged – both inside Support and externally on the RW Help Center & here in the RW forums.

@southpaw, @sarahd, and team will continue to make you aware of what we publish to Help Center in a proactive way. Our goal is to take as much Member effort out of the Support process as possible. Onward and upward!


I’m a day late and a dollar short, but I didn’t forget about our Support Notes fans this week! Our support team has remained diligent about publishing help articles based on real questions our members ask in support tickets (and even while visiting our Pop-up Shop!)
Last week, 103 of our existing support articles were edited with corrections or updates, and 56 new articles were written.

Here are the ten newest articles in each of our help sections:

How To’s

How to Forget and Reconnect to a WiFi Network
How to Edit Label Names in Gmail
How to Close Unused Apps Running in the Background
How to Clear an Individual App’s Cache for Motorola Phones
How to Contact Motorola Support
How to Use a Downloaded Audio File as a Ringtone on Moto X Pure
How to Resolve Problems with a Short Code
How to Downgrade Your Plan During a 3.0 Phone Upgrade Activation
How to Reset Forgotten Republic Wireless Account Password
How to Order a Phone from Republic

Questions and Answers

Will the Moto G4 Model XT1625-SS Work on Republic Wireless?
How Do I Stop Receiving Emails About Data Usage and My Bill?
Will I Get Better Coverage If I Buy a New Phone?
How Do You Remove My Information on a Returned Phone?
Where Can I Leave a Suggestion for Republic Wireless?
What Should I Do if my Phone is Lost or Stolen?
Can I Bring My Moto X2 to Republic Wireless?
Do Account Owners Need to Open Tickets to Give Republic Help Permission to Ship SIM Cards?
Can I Get My Old Number Back?
Can I Add Data to My 3.0 Phone Without Changing My Plan?


Error: “Can’t Call” on Phone App
Past-Due Balance Isn’t Getting Paid After Payment Method Was Updated
Error "Google has Stopped"
Receiving SIM Card Error with New SIM Card
Can’t Send or Receive Texts with No Data Connection
Error "This View Is Not Available Because You Do Not Have Cell or WiFi Data Connectivity"
Calling Issues with NoRoot Firewall App Installed
"This Phone isn’t Configured to Make Calls"
Pixel 2: Inbound WiFi Calls No Audio/Disconnect
Ported Number Out and Want to Port Back In


Good morning, Support Notes fans! I’m reporting in a little early this week, due to a packed schedule this afternoon. Our support agents continue to look for opportunities to improve our knowledge base with edits, updates and new article creation. This week 96 existing articles were edited and 48 new articles were created. We’re anticipating these numbers will see an increase in the next couple of weeks as we’re training additional support team members in this process, so we’ll have even more opportunities to create and curate!

Here are the newest articles in each of our help sections:

How To’s

How to Clear Google Play App Data for 1.0 and 2.0 Republic Phones
How to Test GPS Hardware in Device Help
How to View GPS Coordinates in Google Maps
How to Uninstall an App from the App Drawer on a Moto Z Play
How to View Battery Information on a Moto Z Play
How to Install an SD card for Moto E4 Plus
How to Check Your Coverage Since Upgrading to 3.0
How to Find the Device ID
How to Change the Plan for Another Phone on Your Account
How to Check the Preferred Network Type in the Android Testing Screen on a Moto E4

Questions and Answers

Do You Charge an Activation Fee?
How Do I Know If an App Is Pre-Installed?
What “Does Outstanding Financial Obligation” Mean?
Why Am I Being Asked to Factory Reset My Phone?
Why Are No Phones Showing Under “Phone” When I Purchased New Phones?
Why Does My Phone Optimize Apps During Startup?
Does Republic Wireless Repair Damage to Motorola Phones?
Can Statements Be Sent to My Mailing Address?
What Could Republic Wireless Do to Address My Coverage Concerns?
Is My 1.0 Legacy Plan Unlimited Data?


"Invalid Pin/Passcode" Exception Message from TracFone
Credit Card Is Being Used by My Employee Without My Permission
Cannot Make Calls Over Cell
Sprint “Invalid Account Number” Exception Message
Pending Port Order Exception Message on a Port
Text Not Going Through Due to Error: Please Use a Valid Number for SMS
"No Response, Timed Out" Error on Incoming Calls When Using Vocera


The Support Notes fun continues (why else would I be here on a Friday night!) with 108 edited articles over the last week, and 50 new articles added to our documentation so you can better find what you need quickly and easily. Remember, these articles are based on questions our members actually ask in support tickets, so every support ticket becomes an opportunity to help many, many members instead of just the one who asked.

Here are our newest articles in each of our Support Notes categories:

How To’s

How to Clear the Messaging App Data on Huawei Ascend 5W phones
How to Reactivate Service with Same Phone Number Within 30 Days of Account Cancellation for Non-Payment
How to Attach a Screenshot to Your Help Ticket with Microsoft Outlook App
How to Find a Lost Android Phone
How to Reset Network Settings for Nexus Phones on Android 8.0 Oreo
How to Update the Software on a Nexus Phone Running Android Oreo
How to Add and Remove a Fingerprint on the Huawei Ascend 5W
How to Answer an Incoming Call
How to Estimate Your Battery’s Condition on Motorola Phones
How to Chat with a Live Agent

Questions and Answers

How Do I Cancel My Port out Order?
Why Can’t I Change My Plan?
What Changes Can a User Make on the Account?
Why Can’t I Use My Number to Activate Viber?
Can I Make a Payment over the Phone?
When Is My Monthly Invoice Due?
Can I Alter Part of My Order?
Can I order a phone that is out of stock?
Can You Tell Me My Account PIN Number?
Can I Use the Credit on My Account for the Online Store?


Cannot Forward Voicemail
Republic Help Center Fails to Load on iOS Devices
Unable to Receive Voicemail Notifications but Able to Receive Voicemail Messages on Samsung Phones
Unable to Access LTE Network, Only 3G on Moto G4 Using CDMA SIM Card
"Network Unavailable. We’re Unable to Contact Our Servers" Error Message
Port Exception Message of "Port Complexity"
I’m Trying to Use the Short Code 200200 but Nothing Seems to Happen
"Invalid Pin/Passcode" Exception Message from TracFone
Phone App Crashing When Attempting to Place Calls on Google Pixel Phones
Credit Card Is Being Used by My Employee Without My Permissionon

Remember, new articles are created based on actual support tickets. If something here looks familiar, maybe we created content that would help everyone, from your own ticket, which means your question is now helping many other people!


You didn’t think I’d forget our Support Notes Weekly Wrap-up this week did you?

This week we had 83 new articles created, and 160 articles were edited. That’s our biggest week so far!!

Here are the ten newest articles in each section:

How To’s

How to Properly Relaunch Republic Anywhere on Microsoft Windows 10
How to Find the Model Number of Samsung Phones
How to Edit the Sleep Display Setting on a Motorola Phone
How to Restore Photos and Videos
How to Block Unwanted Calls and Texts
How to Change Syncing Settings for Google Photos
How to Deactivate Your Phone
How to Cancel an Order That Is Back-Ordered
How to Disable Voicemail Forwarding When the Disable Option Isn’t Available
How to Remove Protective Film From New Phone

Questions and Answers

Will the Moto E4 or Republic Wireless 3.0 Phones Auto Switch Between Cellular and Wifi?
Why Can’t I Reply to My Closed Ticket?
How Long Do I Have To Reactivate My SIM Card?
Where Can I Find Information About Republic Anywhere?
Why Didn’t My Plan Downgrade Go Through?
What Should I Return with My Defective Phone
Is There an Unlimited Data Plan for 3.0 Clear Choice?
When Will the Credit on My Account Be Applied?
Where Can I Purchase Phones Compatible with the 1.0/2.0 Republic Refund Plan?
My Phone Was Never Setup, Does It Need a Factory Reset?


Not Receiving Short Code Texts from 87233
Phone Frozen on Startup
Receiving Error “We Were Unable to Verify Your Address. Please Check the Information You Entered and Try Again.” When Submitting an Order from the Republic Wireless Online Store.
Error "an Unauthorized Attempt Has Been Made to Reset"
Micro SD Card Not Reading in Phone or Computer
Unable to Connect Phone to Honda Hands-Free Link
Inbound Cellular Calls Forwarded to Google Voice Number Experience Dead Air
Port Out Rejection from Republic Wireless "Due Date and Time Cannot Be Met"
Can Republic Wireless Replace My BYOP Moto G4 Plus?
Slow Cell Data at the Beginning of Billing Cycle for 1.0 Plans
If one of the above articles solved your issue and saved you from opening a help ticket, tell us about it!


Were you wondering how our Support Notes did during a Holiday week? Of course you were! Let’s take a look…

This week our team created 91 new Support Notes articles and edited 150. This team doesn’t let :turkey: distract them for a minute!

Here are the ten newest articles in each section, let us know if one of them answers your question or solves your problem!

How To’s

How to Edit App Permissions for Motorola Phones
How to Prepare and Return My Phone
How to Adjust the Brightness Level on the Moto X Pure
How To Confirm System Update Settings For a Huawei Ascend 5W
How to Reset Network Settings on Samsung Galaxy Phones on Marshmallow
How to View Data Usage in the Republic Wireless App
How to Contact Huawei Support
How to Clear Republic Anywhere Cache on a Mac
How to Turn off Chrome Site Notifications
How to Initiate a New Text Message in Republic Anywhere

Questions and Answers

Can I Be Removed from the Basic Data Program?
What Is “Uninstalled” on My Cellular Data Usage Tab? (1.0/2.0 Phones)
What Is “Other Data” on My Cellular Data Usage Tab? (1.0/2.0 Phones)
Can I Activate a Phone at a Later Date?
What Is “Removed Application(s)” on My Cellular Data Usage Tab? (3.0 Phones)
Will My Personal Information Be Lost When I Reactivate?
Can I Keep My DEFY XT Service Plan If I Upgrade My Phone?
What Is “Other Data” on My Cellular Data Usage Tab? (3.0 Phones)
How Long Is the Manufacturer Warranty?
Can I Recover My Deleted Voicemail?


MetroPCS Exception Message
Error: "Republic Wireless Number Is Not Available"
The Republic App Says I’m out of Data
Phone Has Poor Cellular Coverage
Terms and Conditions Page Isn’t Automatically Showing to Connect to Wifi
Can’t Connect to WiFi During Phone Setup
Notification States “Cellular Data Limit Reached, Cellular Data Paused for Rest of Cycle”, When Not out of Data
This Text Field Does Not Support Insertion from the Keyboard
Can’t Attach Videos to Texts in Republic Anywhere
I Updated My Payment Information but My Payment Was Unsuccessful

We hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your friends and family!


It’s time to take another look at a week of Support Notes fun. For the week of November 25 - December 1, our team created 65 new Support Notes articles and 117 articles were edited.

Here are the 10 newest articles in each category for the week:

How To’s

How to Restrict App Background Data on a Huawei Ascend 5W
How to Switch Between Email Accounts in Gmail
How to Search for a Specific Invoice
How Do I Unblock / Unarchive a Contact in Republic Anywhere?
How to Add an Email Account to a Motorola, Nexus, and Google Phone
How to Turn Off the Option for a Contact to Go Straight to Voicemail
How to Provide Information About Your SIM Card to Republic Help
How to Silence Specific Text Numbers
How to Clear the App Cache on the Huawei Ascend 5W

Questions and Answers

How Come the Number Transfer Option Is Not Available for One of My Service Lines?
Why Can I Not See the Payment Section Of My Account Settings?
Does Republic Wireless Offer Toll-Free Numbers?
Can You Reactivate My Service Prior to Making Late Payment?
Where can I ship my order to?
If We Purchased a Phone Only Compatible with the GSM Network, Do We Need to Return It to Change Coverage?
Can I Know the Charges on My Returned Phone Beforehand?
How Do I Get My Deleted Text Messages Back?
Can Republic Wireless Block Robocalls/Spam Calls?
Can I Receive Collect Calls Using Republic Wireless?


Can’t Activate BYOP Using Old SIM Card from 1.0 or 2.0 Phone
"Unsupported Phone" Error Shows During Activation
Receiving Unwanted Spam and Robo Calls
Selected Wrong Number During Activation
A Specific Number Cannot Call Me Without Going Directly to Voicemail
No Internet Access When Connected to WiFi
Credit Card Is Being Used by Someone I Know Without My Permission
I Need a Proof of Activation Document
Phone Shows Unread Messages When All Messages Have Been Read in Republic Anywhere
Problems Connecting to Unusable Open WiFi Networks


I didn’t think anyone cared!! :crying_cat_face:

I’ll whip up a report tonight. I paused it for the holidays, but it has been lingering on my to-do list too long.


Hi again Support Notes fans, and particularly @williamo.vkbg0s.
Whipping up a report was harder than it looks, but worth it.

I’m going to change things up a bit. I’ll do the reports monthly, rather than weekly. We’ll continue to talk about articles being created and edited, but instead of including the ten-newest in each section, I’ll show you how to find them, and we can talk about other things, like top-viewed articles.

To view the newest 10 articles in each category, just visit that category. They are listed from the newest to the oldest, so the first 10 on the list are the newest 10. You can check them weekly, daily, or by the minute if you really want to stay on top of things! :smiley_cat:

How To’s
Questions and Answers

For the month of December, our support team created 235 new Support Notes. They edited 335.

Here are the top-viewed Support Notes, of those created in December:


Here’s a recap of most-viewed Help Center content created since my last post.

Help articles created in January

Help articles created in February

Can anyone guess which Help Article has had the most views (81,624) so far in 2018?

New E4+ today. Trying to make a phone call