New in Tech: May 2018

Check out some of the coolest new announcements and developments in tech this month. We cover the Android P beta, blockchain, smart legos, and more.

1. Google takes on screen addiction

Android P will include features to track app usage and phone unlocks. It also boasts a beefed-up Do Not Disturb feature. And Youtube introduces new “Digital Wellbeing” reminders.

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2. Google introduces Duplex, an AI that can make calls (and sound human doing it)

Jaws dropped over Duplex at Google io, but not only because of the scientific marvel… Because Duplex sounds uncannily human, complete with “um-s” and “mhm-s.” But the science is pretty cool too.

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3. Lego introduces a line of connected sets for the newest generation of little engineers

Program the Batmobile to do a flip? Count me in.

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4. Android P takes on iPhone’s gestures

It looks like the two aren’t exactly the same, either. Android P is still in beta, but will be released later this year.

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5. HTC has a “blockchain phone” in the works

The HTC Exodus is scheduled to come out in October. It comes complete with a cryptocurrency wallet, decentralized apps, and guess how you can buy it?

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6. This smart tupperware can connect to Amazon Alexa to tell when your food goes bad

The Ovie Smartware food storage system is there to minimize food waste and save you the trouble of the dreaded “sniff test.”

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An AI that sounds human: creepy or cool?

Would you use new Android features designed to curb screen addiction?

What cool new tech news have you read lately?

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