New Issues After Update This Morning

The Moto G6 had a security update this morning, then when I got to court, and had to turn the phone off, it wouldn’t turn off. Just kept trying to take a screen shot. I finally got it to turn off hours later.

Now the phone keeps notifying that Time and Weather is running… I’ve never seen that before.

Now what to do?


Issue Description

I’ve got the same phone and got the time and weather notifications as well. My fix was to go into the app and turn notifications off. Seems to have worked.

Well yeah, I did… that seems obvious. But I guess the question is why did that start today? Never saw that before and have had this phone for about 6 months now…


Hi @amyb9,

Sometimes updates bring new “features” that the developers don’t want you to miss, so they are enabled when launched.

If you’ve disabled the notification, then there’s nothing more to do.

The inability to turn off the phone and instead taking screenshots would suggest the volume-down button was also being pressed, either by how you were holding it, or perhaps that button is getting pressure from the case, or it may even have some residue from a past spill or just life experiences that is affecting the volume-down button.

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Ok, still weird.

Yeah, I couldn’t even enable safe mode… and the cop who was telling us to shut our phones down, could also not get it to do anything… so they had to hold it for me.

It’s been a bad week…

OS updates can be a PIA. I have a Google Pixel 3a. The last update turned off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Why? No idea. Easy to fix, yeah, but still moronic.

Right? Odd…

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