New leased cell network?

Recently my Moto g (4th gen I think) started giving me the ‘E’ next to my cell coverage. It’s been doing it for a few days now. Prior to this I was mostly 3g. I did some investigating and it appears my phone is now connected to Tmobiles network tower giving me 2g when I’m at home rather than 3g. The internet tells me republic now uses both tmobile and Sprint networks starting in 2016? Can I expect the slower network the majority of the time now? Zip 50125 .

Did you bring your own phone and then buy and install a Republic Wireless SIM card? If so you are on the GSM carrier (T-Mobile). The GSM carrier coverage is not so good in much of Iowa (as is seen in the lack of support for Bring Your Own Phone for that zip code at Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless). I would put in a Republic Wireless Help Request and see if support can get you on the CDMA (Sprint) network.


Hi @colinf,

I’m having some trouble putting together your subject line and what you’ve written in the part I quoted, to comprehend exactly what you’re asking, so I apologize if what I’m writing doesn’t really answer you.

As of July 2016, we are able to offer cellular coverage on one of two nationwide carriers. We do not offer dual-coverage where a single phone would alternate between carriers on the fly. So to answer the “majority of the time” part of your question, you can expect whatever you’re seeing to be consistent. Your phone will not switch between carriers.

If your coverage is not sufficient, please open a support ticket and we’ll evaluate whether a different SIM card would improve the situation for you.

Do you not have Wi-Fi at home?

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